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Fourth Grade Math
The math curriculum at Norton Elementary follows the guidelines and curriculum of AllenISD.
Problem solving and hands on materials are infused into all math strands.
**Smartboard activities need to have the following softward downloaded to your home computer.
place value
Play this game to practice your place value skills and knowledge.
This link is a great tutorial for you to review place value.
addition and subtraction (regrouping)
Click on the links below for addition and subtraction tutorials.
Here's a great link to help with estimating and rounding!
Here is a look at some fourth graders and their problem solving with Educreations.
Here are some fun Youtube links for decimals:
This website has some great fraction activities for you to use and some fun games to play!
Here is a great youtube video about equivalent fractions.  Enjoy!!!
Use this link to help you find equivalent fractions!!!
Here is a fun game for mixed and improper fractions. :)
Our class mulitplication patterns
Use this site to practice your multiplication facts!
Use this site to see an area model of multiplication with base ten blocks!
division (long division with one digit divisor)
 Here is a great site to practice basic division facts.
Long division help from study jams!
Long division from study jams.
Here is a powerpoint to help you if you are stuck with long division.
geometry concepts
algebra concepts
measurement (metric and customary)
telling time and using elapsed time
Problem Solving
part to whole
Math Games you can play at home:
Understanding UPScheck:
Math Videos and tutorials created by Fourth Graders
Here are a few links to some more of our presentations!