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AIM Resources
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Nazca Virtual Perus
Bermuda Triangle/Navy History
Spain and Ireland
Natl Geographic/Atlantis-Strait Gibraltar
Strait of Gibraltar
Crop Circles/How Stuff Works
Fifth Grade
History Buff/Online Newspapers
Sixth Grade
Charles Lindbergh
Encarta/Charles Lindbergh
Amelia Earhart
Timeline Amelia Earhart
America's Library/Amelia Earhart
Great Depression Webquest
Harlem Renaissance
Drop Me Off in Harlem/Biographies/Kennedy Center
Bessie Coleman
PBS Fly Girls
Daredevil/Coleman/US Centennial of Flight
National Park Service/Ellis Island
A Boy's Journey/Seymour Rechtzeit/Scholastic Teacher
History Buff/Online Newspapers
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