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   TAKS Practice Games (made by Students)
Math Websites
Skillswise from BBC
Comparing Numbers from Skillswise
Integer Practice
Home School Math
Cram Web

AAA Math
A+ Math
Cool Math for Kids
Interactive Mathmatics
Shodor                                                           Fun Brain
Cadbury Learning Zone
Math Dictionary                                       

English Websites
Grammar Slammer
Rhyme Zone
Webster's Dictionary
Writing Prompt Generator
Science Websites
Jason Project
The Physics Page
Simple Machines
Chem 4 Kids
Chemicool Periodic Table
Scientific American
National Air and Space Musuem
Virtual Earthquake
Amazon Explorer
History Websites
Jamestown Adventure
Natl Geographic
Natl Geographic for Kids
American Wars
Visit The Newseum
CIA World FactBook
Teachers' Sites (for their classes)

School Finder
School Finder's Career List
Department of the Interior's Career Site
Department of Labor's Occupation Site
Bureau of Labor's Career Site
America's Job Bank
Career Builder
Career Cruising
(Username: allenhigh, Password: careers)
Career Cluster Video


Harmless Computer Games
just for FUN

Remembering that it is not appropriate to play games of violence at school, here are links to some harmless game sites.  Even when you get there, you need to be selective about what you play.  Be sensible.  By the way, if you know any others that you think people might like (and that aren't blocked by WebSense), tell Mrs. Higgs the URL and she'll add them to my list. Don't forget the games you can get to through the Start Menu (All Programs, Games)
Slime Socer
Two Player Slime Volleyball
Maths is Fun
(it's not just about math)
FunBrain Site Menu

Ford's Student Resource Menu (look in the Math Menu above)
Flash Revolution

Enchanted Mind (puzzles & mind games)
Interactive Sudoku (that isn't WebSensed)
Multi-Subject Sites

SailOn (by subj & objective)
SAS(login: students, no password)
High School Hub

First Gov for Kids
Bartlett's Quotations
Homework Help

InfoPlease Homework Cntr

How Stuff Works
KidInfo Homework Help

Homework Help Links
FactMonster Homework Center
Discovery School's Homework LinksKidsClink
Links (to Thousands of Topics)

Homework Center
Ask Jeeves Kids

Quia Web