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Allen ISD Service Center Project

Entrance Overview
The need for a new Service Center was identified by the Project Kids Community Study Group in 2008. The proposal to build a new facility for the Transportation, Student Nutrition and Maintenance Departments was approved by voters in May 2009. The school district is building the new Service Center on 39 acres at the corner of Bossy Boots Drive and Watters Drive in Allen. The current facility, which is located on 6.3 acres along Butler Drive, was built in 1982 to serve a student population of approximately 5,000 students. The proposed facility is located on 39 acres and would serve a school district of approximately 20,000 students.
Service Center Project Update(s) - 2014 - 2015
Construction on the new service center is underway and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2015.  As questions about the construction arise, we will  provide additional information on this site under "updates."  Email the Public Information Office  ( publicinfo@allenisd.org ) if you have additional questions.
(May 18, 2015 Update)
The Board of Trustees heard a report on progress at the new Allen ISD Service Center on May 18.  The presentation is attached here.
(March 23, 2015 Update)
Construction on the service center is approximately 93% completed.  The facility will open over the next three months with the Facility and Maintenance Departments moving in starting in May; Transportation moving in in early June and Student Nutrition moving in in late June.   View presentation here.
(April 30, 2014) Peer Review of Service Center Project
At the request of the Allen ISD Board of Trustees, a review of structural plans prepared by PBK Architects for the Allen ISD Service Center Project was conducted this spring by the Datum Engineering firm. This is called a peer review where a third party firm reviews the work of another firm. There were no significant findings or problems identified by the Datum review.  There were suggested revisions that we forwarded to PBK as a result of the study. Since that time PBK has either provided clarification or provided detailed information in response. Datum Engineering recently reviewed those responses as well and has now closed their peer review.  

As mentioned, there were no significant findings or problems identified in the peer review so  work will continue on the project.  At the same time, Datum will continue to monitor the review suggestions on behalf of the school district to ensure compliance with the recommendations/revisions if needed. 

(February 20, 2014) Tree Line Cleanup Begins
The tree line clean-up at the Service Center will start this morning and should be completed by Monday afternoon. All clean-up will be done in accordance with the building permit that we received from the City of Allen.  The clean-up will consist of removing the underbrush, saplings, barbed wire fence, and trash from around the protected trees and tree line on the west side of our property.  We will not be removing any protected or tagged trees.
(January 2014) Trees have been removed from the site.  Will they be replaced?
There will be trees and brush removed to install utilities and an 8' masonry fence that is being built.  The City of Allen requires that any trees being removed be replaced by similar caliper trees or a combination of trees that equal those calipers.  The landscaping plan will replace all of the trees that are removed plus there will be a significant amount of landscaping (trees and shrubbery) added to the property in addition to the city requirements. The landscaping plan has been approved by the City of Allen and copies of the plan are available for review at our Allen ISD facilities office.   A rendering of the landscaping plan is shown below.  A fully detailed landscaping plan is available for review in the Allen ISD Administration Building lobby daily from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Service Center Project Aerial Photographs
November 2013
Nov 13
December 2013
 Dec 13
 Jan 14
Web Photo
Service Center Project Questions and Answers
The following is provided to answer some common questions about the Service Center project:

1. What is the project? When will construction start on the project?

The Allen ISD Service Centerwill house the transportation, student nutrition and maintenance departments, including bus maintenance, parking, and warehouse facilities. The current facility was built in 1982 and is insufficient for the current size of the school district. The need for a new service center was identified over 10 years ago and was formally addressed by the 2008 Project Kids Committee and particularly the Support Services Sub-Committee.This group recommended that a combined transportation, maintenance and student nutrition facility be built to provide the needed space and efficiency. The community approved the project as part of the 2009 bond election.

2. What is the timeline for planning and building the Service Center?

Oct. 2008 – Hired architect for proposed bond projects (Performing Arts Center, Stadium,

and Service Center)

May 2009 – Service Center project approved by voters

April 2012 – Conducted air, traffic and water impact studies

Sept. 2012 - Purchased property at Watters and Bossy Boots

Sept. 2012 – Schematic design presented to Board

Oct. 2012 – Hired Pogue Construction to build facility

March 2013 – Board approves schematic design

July 2013 – Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) presented to Board

July-August 2013 – Construction to begin

April 2015 – Project completion

Road improvements on Bossy Boots Drive south of the property for bus access will begin prior to 2014.

3. What about zoning regulations that apply to the Service Center at the selected location?

Under Texas law, the Allen Independent School District is not subject to zoning regulations of a City because the school district is a sovereign governmental entity.

The property is part of a land area, which is included within the City of Allen’s planned development known as Planned Development 54. The PD-54 Ordinance was originally adopted by the City on May 6, 1993, and at one time covered over 2,400 acres of which includes both residential and non-residential development rights.

Although the District is not subject to the land use regulations established for the property by the City of Allen, the District believes that the proposed Service Center property fits well with the existing commercial facilities in the area. The District will comply with all city building and aesthetic regulations and requirements to which it is subject to ensure that the Service Center, when built, will coexist very nicely with all surrounding properties.

4. Why did the District select this location for the service center?

The property is centrally located, provides for optimal access to major thoroughfares, and is part of an existing commercial development. Other factors include the fact that the school district found a willing seller, was offered a fair market price for the land and found the property suitable for size requirements. As part of the development, the District will be expanding Bossy Boots Drive into a four-lane divided road connecting Watters and Bray Central. This will effectively divert the majority of bus traffic to the south.

5. Did the District consider other properties for the service center?

Yes. During 2011 and 2012 the District explored several locations as potential sites for the Service Center. Several factors go into this process including; project budget, land price and development costs, willing seller, site characteristics, size and location, and coordination with the City of Allen’s overall master plan.

Due to confidentiality regulations the District is unable to release specific information regarding land discussions.

6. Is there a preliminary site plan available?

PBK Architects presented schematic drawings in September 2012 that show the approximate size and location of buildings and parking on the property. An updated site plan and rendering can be viewed on this Service Center website.

7. What will the school district do to alleviate potential traffic problems at the newsite?

The road immediately south of the property (Bossy Boots) will be extended between Watters and Bray Central and also expanded to four lanes. Busses and large vehicles will enter and exit the property through the new entrance on Bossy Boots minimizing the impact on roads in the area. According to the City of Allen master plan, both Exchange Parkway and Watters Drive will be expanded to six-lane thoroughfares in the future.

8. What steps will the school district take to alleviate any air quality problems as a result of the service center?

Allen ISD buses operate with a new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (circa 2007) and newer emissions control technologies (circa 2007) that reduce diesel pollutants by 90% http://www.epa.gov/otaq/fuels/dieselfuels/index.htm

Additionally the Texas Clean School Bus Program helped AISD retrofit all available buses with emission filtering kits to reduce pollutants. http://www.cleanschoolbus.net/

Allen schoolbuses meet all standards and guidelines from the EPA (Environmental ProtectionAgency). EPA sets emissions standards for diesel and natural gas engines. For engines manufactured from 2007-2014 ULSD requirements coupled with advanced emission control technologies, have decreased emissions from these engines bymore than 90%.


Currently, 79.5%of Allen ISD buses have either been retrofitted with the new emission filtering kit or are new enough to have the advanced emission control technology already installed. By 2014 (when the Service Center opens) only three busses will remain that are not equipped with theadvanced emission control technology. These remaining buses are scheduled to be retired in 2015.


9. Will there be a problem with lead emissions?

All diesel and gasoline fuel used in the United States must be leadfree, therefore the exhaust from all of our vehicles is lead free.

10. What is Allen ISD’s policy towards idling buses?

TheTransportation Department has specific guidelines for drivers regarding theidling of buses that are meant to minimize noise and air pollution as well assave fuel. The guidelines, for example,limit warm-up times in the morning, require drivers to shut down buses duringevents when not being used and all service vehicles must shut down when makingdeliveries. In spring, summer and most fall monthsthe buses are warm and very little idling time is required. In the wintermonths the buses may need to warm for 3 to 5 minutes before being moved. The buses start and leave in 7 groups starting at 6:30 a.m. and finishing at7:30 a.m. There are approximately 12 to 13 buses in each group staggeredin 8 to 9 minute intervals. The buses arrive back at the facility inapproximately the same staggered intervals from 8:40 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. The same procedure is repeated in the afternoon starting at 2:00 p.m. with thelast bus arriving back to the Service Center just after 5:00 p.m.

11. What about the runoff from washing and maintaining buses?

The district will capture the water used for bus washing and maintenance. The water is then filtered and reused in the bus washing process.

12. What about light pollution?

In accordance with the City of Allen Zoning Requirements there will not be any “light pollution”. The COA zoning requires that zero foot-candles be allowed to cross onto adjacentproperty lines. The lights poles can be no taller than 20’ and all the light must shine down toward the ground (not up). We will meet all COA zoning requirements.

13. What steps are being taken to ensure the safety of students and residents nearby the Service Center?

The Service Center will meet or exceed all local, state and federal guidelines and regulations. These regulations have been established to create a safe environmentand the construction and operation of the facility will comply with all of theregulations.

14. Will there be a negative impact on property values as a result of the service center?

There is no research that can predict home values years in advance. As it has done with all school properties,the school district will design the service center to fit into and have aminimal impact on the surrounding area. This would include barriers and buffersfor appearance and noise abatement.

Schematic Design
The schematic design (preliminary drawings) of the Service Center were presented to the Board of Trustees by PBK Architects on June 18 and discussed again on July 23 and August 27. Links to those schematic designs are shown below:
Summary of Studies
In February 2012, the Allen ISD contracted with independent consultants to perform a series of environmental impact studies on the proposed site of the new Service Center.  The reports were presented to the Board of Trustees at the regular meeting on April 23, 2012. 
Public Input
Patrons wishing to provide input or ask additional questions may write the Board of Trustees at
teamof8@allenisd.org. They may also attend public meetings of the Board of Trustees.
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