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Allen ISD Transfer Guidelines & Procedures


Student Transfer Request Guidelines 2014-2015 School Year

Out-of-District Transfer Requests:


Allen ISD does not accept out-of-district transfers except under the following circumstance:

  • Transfer requests for children of Allen ISD employees living outside the district will be considered. The student must be in good standing with their current school district in regards to attendance and discipline.


In-District Transfer Requests:


All transfer requests should be delivered to the Administration Building at 612 E. Bethany Dr., during the following dates:

  • Transfer Requests for children of Allen ISD employees will be accepted from May 5, 2014 through June 6, 2014.
  • New Employees:  Transfers will be accepted and considered on an individual basis for employees hired after June 9, 2014.
  • All other student transfer requests will be accepted from June 9, 2014 through August 8, 2014.  The student transfer request form may be mailed to 612 E. Bethany Drive, Allen, TX 75002.  Any transfer request forms received by our office prior to June 9, 2014, will be returned.


If you are a resident new to Allen, your child must be enrolled at the campus for which your
home is zoned before a transfer request will be accepted or considered.

Any incomplete transfer requests will be returned to the sender with no action taken.  A photocopy of two acceptable “Proof of Residency” documents (utility bill and contract or lease agreement on the house/apartment or current voter registration card) must accompany each request. 


When reviewing requests for student transfers, Allen ISD will consider requests on an individual basis; however, the guidelines below are in place to ensure consistency in our process. Transfer requests will be considered by the Board’s designee within 30 days of receipt. An approval for one year does not guarantee nor imply the approval of future transfers to the same campus or to the feeder campus.


Priority Guidelines:

1.   Allen ISD has the sole discretion to determine whether space exists at requested transfer campus.

2.   Requests for an intra-district transfer during the semester will be denied based on potential
     disruption of the educational program at 
both the assigned and requested campuses.

3.   Sibling Transfers: Sibling status will not guarantee transfer approval. Siblings must meet criteria for
      transfer eligibility to be considered.

General Clarifications for an Approved Transfer:

1.  Parents agree to provide transportation for their student to and from school.
2.  Student transfers may be denied and or revoked due to poor attendance, excessive tardies,
     failure to pick up students at 
dismissal time, lack of parental cooperation, and/or behavioral
3.  Please note that if false or misleading information is provided, the original transfer request will be
     subject to revocation and the student will be
placed back to their neighborhood school. 
All questions regarding transfers should be directed to 972-727-7115.
Download the “Allen ISD Transfer Request Form” here  
Last Modified on May 2, 2014
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