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Board Action Sets Stage For Stadium Repairs

The Allen ISD Board of Trustees has authorized Superintendent of Schools Lance Hindt, to contract for the services, materials and labor necessary to complete required repairs to Allen Eagle Stadium. 

In a separate resolution, the Board also authorized the expenditure of existing bond funds not to exceed $2 million to expedite the repairs as determined by the superintendent.

The board action follows an extensive analysis of the Eagle Stadium facility by the Nelson Forensics engineering firm that was finalized in June 2014. Nelson Forensics identified structural deficiencies at the stadium that led to the stadium’s closure in February 2014.

Datum Engineers has been working with the Nelson findings since June to identify the necessary repairs and prepare construction documents that will be used to determine costs so that repair work can begin.

The Board’s action will allow school officials to let contracts on various phases of the repair work once Datum’s work is completed and the necessary permits are obtained.  Work on the first phase, which includes reinforcing supports for the scoreboard, could begin within the next two weeks.

In addition to the scoreboard, repairs at the stadium will include repairs to the press box, retaining walls and elevated concrete concourse.  Both Datum and Nelson will be observing all phases of the stadium repair project.

Providing funds to begin the stadium repairs will allow the school district to keep the various repair projects on schedule.  The resolution stated that “in the event that other parties do not timely remit payment for repairs to the stadium, it will be necessary for Allen ISD to make payment for services, material and labor required to effectuate the repairs.”  The resolution also emphasized that “AISD believes that repairs to the stadium will be paid for by parties other than Allen ISD.” 

“What this allows us to do is get repairs started in phases as soon as the drawings and permits are ready to go,” said Hindt. “The Board will be kept informed of all work at the stadium but the timing will be more efficient so that we can work towards a May 2015 deadline.”

“It is important that our community knows that the school district will be reimbursed for all repairs and related expenses by PBK Architects and Pogue Construction,” added Hindt. “Both firms continue to say they will stand behind their work and the school district will not bear the cost of repairs.”

“Getting the stadium properly repaired so that we can turn it back over to our students and staff continues to be our highest priority,” according to Board President Louise Master. “Like many in our community, I am anxious to see work begin at the stadium but I know that a great deal of planning has been ongoing this summer.”

A summary of reports and announcements related to the stadium are posted on the Allen ISD Stadium Information Page at http://www.allenisd.org/Page/382

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