Technology Resources for Rountree Students 
        Welcome to the Technology Resource section of our website.  Students and Faculty will find direct links to their grade-level resources on the navigational panel at the left.  In addition, classroom resources may also be available on your teachers website.



    2017-18 Grading Schedule


    1st nine weeks: •Progress Report, September 25, 2018

                           •Report Card, October 19, 2018


     2nd nine weeks: •Progress Report, November 27, 2018

                         •Report Card, January 11, 2019


     3rd nine weeks: •Progress Report, February 12, 2019

                     •Report Card March, 22, 2019


     4th nine weeks: •Progress Report, April 23, 2019

                       •Report Card, May 24, 2019



Last Modified on November 5, 2018