Young LifeYou Were Made for This!

    YL vid
    Sponsor: Jordan Kauffman (AHS Room G134)
    Meeting times: 7:29-8:29pm
    Days of week: Mondays
    Cost: Free! (no membership required, anyone in grades 9-12 is invited to come at any time) 
    Young Life Club: Mondays at 7:29pm Journey Community Church (21 Prestige Cir. in Allen) 

    Young Life is a world-class organization for adolescents. Our staff and volunteers enter the world of kids, focusing on what matters to them — fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance. In doing so, we earn the privilege of talking to them about something that we think matters most of all — the truth about God and His love for them.  For more info on what Young Life is and does visit https://www.younglife.org/Pages/default.aspx 

    What is it about Young Life Club that makes it the best night of the week for thousands of students around the world every week? We like to think of it as a party with a purpose. It's controlled chaos that's almost impossible to describe, but kids know it when they see it. And before the party ends, we share a simple message about God's love for them. After all, that's what the celebration is all about.  Allen Area Young Life is not affiliated with any other entity, and we are a non-denominational, non-profit organization. We are 100% locally funded and supported. There is not cost for students to attend and no registration required to join us.  For more information, please visitour local website www.AllenAreaYL.com
    Allen Area Young Life Director
    Grace Mason
    Instagram: @allenareayl

    Allen Area Young Life hosts Club and Campaigners for pregnant and parenting teen moms and their children in Allen and McKinney that meets monthly. YoungLives moms and their children are invited to attend YoungLives Camp at Camp Buckner each summer.

    Treating each mom and her child or children with unconditional love and respect, YoungLives offers teen moms relief from the isolation and struggle of their daily lives and hope for the future. YoungLives mentors provide friendship, parenting advice and help meeting the practical demands of raising a child. At YoungLives club and camp, moms get to socialize and have fun while their babies get the best possible care.
    For more information on YoungLives and when they meet, please contact Christina Gibson , Allen/McKinney YoungLives Coordinator at allenareayounglives@gmail.com or (214) 808-5633  or visit our website at www.AllenAreaYL.YoungLife.org.
    Young Life Capernaum
    Young Life Capernaum gives young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the chance to experience fun and adventure, to develop fulfilling friendships and to challenge their limits while building self-esteem through club, camp and other exciting activities. Young Life staff and volunteers model Christ’s unconditional love and acceptance as they walk alongside these young adults — filling their lives with love and support.
    For more information on Allen Area Capernaum and when they meet, contact Kelsey Hamilton at allenareacapernaum@gmail.com or 865-202-6158 or visit our website at www.AllenAreaYL.com.