Allen ISD Risk Management

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    Sarah Anthony
    Workers’ Compensation Coordinator
    Phone: 972-908-8986
    Fax: 972-727-0496

    The Allen ISD Risk Management Department is responsible for minimizing risk and reducing losses throughout the district. Specifically, the department is responsible for managing the district’s liability, property, and auto insurance programs; coordinating the district’s employee safety program; identifying and addressing safety and health hazards; and evaluating contractual risk throughout the district.

    The goal of the Allen ISD Risk Management Department is to evaluate risks, hazards, and exposures; develop risk management methodologies to fund, minimize or eliminate loss; and advise of risk control strategies to mitigate unanticipated losses.

    The department continuously strives to minimize financial, physical and reputational loss through the proper identification and analysis of risk and implementation of risk-reducing techniques such as loss prevention, contractual risk reduction, and insurance.

    Department Mission Statement

    To minimize the risk of loss through an entity-wide collaborative effort so that liability exposures are reduced and district resources are protected.

    “Minimizing risk through collaboration”

    Program Components

    • Occupational Safety Program
    • Loss Prevention & Loss Control
    • Property/Auto/Liability Insurance
    • Student Accident Insurance
    • Contracts & Agreements


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