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    NJHS Membership

    Active member of NJHS at your Allen ISD middle school your membership is automatically transferred to Lowery.

    Member at your middle school in another school district request a letter of transference from your previous school to be submitted to your Lowery NJHS sponsor via e-mail or post office mail.

    Not in NJHS in middle school, but wish to join = no new membership in the Fall, but application/review process beginning in Dec. for Spring membership. New induction into NJHS in Jan. (No formal ceremony.) Participate in community service prior to this as the organization strongly encourages that members reflect a lifestyle of sharing and caring for community. Keep a close listen to the school announcements as early as November so that you may submit your Induction application on time.

    Click here to join NJHS in the Spring :  NJHS New Member Form. This form must be submitted by Fri. Dec 16th in order to be considered for Spring 2020 membership in the Lowery NJHS. You will be notified of your status the first week of January. 

    NJHS Communication

    You may wish to sign up for Remind.com.  This is a third party texting system that will let me notify you of upcoming events, meetings and service hour due dates. Please get your parents’ permission to sign up for this.       

    Text @njhslfc to 81010



    You may pay your $10 NJHS Dues anytime online via the following link: NJHS Dues 2019-2020 OR with cash or check at the first general chapter meeting in August.
    *Cash must be exact - no change made. Checks must include a driver's license number and should have the student's name in the memo.
    All dues must be received no later than midnight October 11, 2019.
    NJHS Meeting Dates

    Meeting dates will be conveyed via this Lowery NJHS website, the Lowery NJHS Canvas site, school announcements, Lowery Newsletter e-mails, posters on the hallway bulletin boards, and Remind messages.  All NJHS Meetings will be held at Lowery Freshman Center. cafeteria. Late bus passes will be provided after the meeting if needed.  

    NJHS Chapter Meetings:

     Date Time     Location Additional Info. 
    Wednesday, August 28th                                                                

        4:10- 4:50 pm                                                                                 

     Lowery Cafeteria                                       
    NJHS membership dues must be submitted by Oct. 11
     Tuesday, October 29th     4:10-4:50 pm  Lowery Cafeteria

    NJHS New Member Form
     DUE Dec. 14                                                                
     Tuesday, January 14th     4:10-4:50 pm  Lowery Cafeteria  
     Tuesday, March 31st      4:10-4:50 pm  Lowery Cafeteria  




    NJHS Officers

    President:                          Committee Leader: 

    The President will preside at meetings of the chapter & serve as the official representative of the chapter at school & community functions Call and preside over chapter meetings, Record minutes for committee meetings, Organize fundraisers, Serve as NJHS representative at events, Obtain service opportunities and report to Secretary.

    Vice President:                Committee Leader: 

    The Vice President will preside in the absence of the President & shall keep a record of members’ contributions to leadership & service.
    Help preside over chapter meetings, Record minutes at committee meetings, Organize fundraisers, Serve as NJHS representative at events, Obtain service opportunities and report to Secretary.

    Secretary:                      Committee Leader: 

    The Secretary will keep the minutes and attendance records for meetings and be responsible for all official correspondence.
    Help Sponsor with organization at meetings, Record minutes at chapter NJHS meetings, Obtain service opportunities and report to Sponsor,   Record minutes at committee meetings, Organize fundraisers, Record minutes at all officer meetings.


    Historian:                         Committee Leader: 

    The Historian will keep visual & written records of meetings and events and assist the Public Relations Manager with promoting the Lowery NJHS chapter as a whole.
    Take pictures of events and meetings, Record minutes at committee meetings, Assist Public Relations Mgr. with promotional aspects, Organize fundraisers, Obtain service opportunities and report to Secretary.


    Public Relations Manager:         Committee Leader: 

    The PR Manager will promote the Lowery NJHS chapter as a whole while promoting service opportunities to both NJHS members and the school and community.
    Organize fundraisers, Record minutes at committee meetings, Obtain service opportunities and report to Secretary, and Create promotions for chapter & service opportunities.


    Eagles United Representative:          Committee Leader: 

    Eagles United is a collaboration among school clubs & organizations with the goal of uniting all clubs and organizations to increase productivity and effectiveness of the services that they provide to the students and the community. The EU Student Rep will meet with Eagles United once/month and organize and support NJHS toward the Eagles United goal.


    NJHS Service Committees

    NJHS members are required to join a service committee, and committee selections are now available in Canvas (Click sheet join committees in Canvas).  NJHS members have until Friday, October 11 to select a service committee to join.  

    The purpose to a service committee is to 1) promote service throughout our school and community and 2) organize and assist NJHS members in obtaining service hours.

    At the first meeting of the school year you will be invited to choose a service committee to become involved with. This committee will be overseen by one of your elected NJHS officials and will also have sub-committee leaders.

    The members of each committee will meet periodically to discuss, plan, and implement service opportunities related to their committee topic.


    NJHS Expectations

    The following are the standards for membership in NJHS at the Lowery Freshman Center:

    • Uphold the NJHS pillars of character, leadership, scholarship, and service.
    • Maintain an overall grade average of 91%.  (Ex: 100 in Band + 82 in Math + 91 in English = overall 91 average; student is maintaining above a 91 grade average) with outstanding/satisfactory conduct grades. (This is checked at the end of the grading quarter and applies to all classes averaged, even if they are advanced.)
    • Complete 12 hrs. or more of individual community service per grading quarter* to be submitted the week before each grading period (48 hours throughout the school year). *Please note that summer service hours may only be counted toward the first grading quarter's required hours. A portion of your hours each quarter must be from your service committee participation.  
    • Attend general chapter meetings. 
    • Attend service committee meetings.



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