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    Brian Bentley- Advanced Academics Coordinator


    NJHS Membership

    Active member of NJHS at your Allen ISD middle school your membership is automatically transferred to Lowery.

    Member at your middle school in another school district request a letter of transference from your previous school to be submitted to your Lowery NJHS sponsor via e-mail or post office mail.

    Not in NJHS in middle school, but wish to join = no new membership in the Fall. New induction into NJHS happens in late January. (No formal ceremony.)  Participate in community service prior to this as the organization strongly encourages that members reflect a lifestyle of sharing and caring for community. 

    Click here to join NJHS in the Spring :  NJHS New Member Form. This form must be submitted by Thursday, December 15th in order to be considered for Spring 2023 membership in the Lowery NJHS. Email the completed and signed form to brian.bentley@allenisd.org. You will be notified of your status in January prior to the next meeting. 


    Also, please fill out this questionnaire in addition to the application to provide us with further information: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf0FA5c20J4NRPXfv9o56JORk-Cp52qy5lYWLyaRMjJxXviFw/viewform  

    NJHS Communication


    Please refer to your NJHS Canvas course and school email for the most up-to-date NJHS information. 


    NJHS Dues

    NJHS membership dues are $10.  Money is only collected through SchoolPay.  Deadline to submit dues is October 28, 2022. 

    NJHS Service Hours

    NJHS uses X2Vol to log service hours. Members should click this link to create an X2vol account, join the Allen High School account, then join the LFC NJHS 2022-2023 group. 
    NJHS Meeting Dates

    Below are the anticipated meeting dates from the 2022-2023 school year.  Information will be communicated via video correspondence; action items may need to be completed after information is shared.  

    NJHS Chapter Meetings

     Date Time     Location Additional Info. 
    Tuesday, August 30th                                                                
    NJHS membership dues must be submitted by Oct. 28
     Tuesday, October 25th 4:10-4:45 Cafeteria  
     Tuesday, January 17th 4:10-4:45 Cafeteria  
     Tuesday, March 28th   4:10-4:45  Cafeteria  




    NJHS Expectations

    The following are the standards for membership in NJHS at the Lowery Freshman Center:

    • Uphold the NJHS pillars of character, leadership, scholarship, and service.
    • Maintain an overall grade average of 91%.  (Ex: 100 in Band + 82 in Math + 91 in English = overall 91 average; student is maintaining above a 91 grade average) with outstanding/satisfactory conduct grades. (This is checked at the end of the grading quarter and applies to all classes averaged, even if they are advanced.)
    • Complete 12 hrs. or more of individual community service for each quarter to be submitted by 11:59pm on the Sunday at the end of grading period.      
    • Attend general chapter meetings. 
    • Attend service committee meetings.



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