Welcome to Bolin Elementary!

    Angela Kim, MS, CCC-SLP - Speech-Language Pathologist
    Email: angela.kim@allenisd.org

    I am Angela Kim, the Speech-Language Pathologist at Bolin Elementary, and so excited to work with students and families this year!

    I'm a McKinney, Texas native and graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in Communication Disorders. 
    Speech therapy is a life-long passion of mine. Before joining Allen ISD, I worked with adults with Parkinson's disease.
    I love working with people to improve their speech and communication at ANY age!

    In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my fiance, being crafty (I'm always working on a cross-stitching or quilting project), Netflix, and flying on aerial silks. 

    Get ready for an exciting year in Speech - this year is going to fly by!