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  • Allen ISD Gifted & Talented Services offers exceptional educational opportunities for K-12 students.

    AIM services provide a homogeneous grouping of identified elementary (K-6) gifted/talented students designed to maximize their potential through in-depth and complex exploration of interdisciplinary studies not included in the mainstream classroom. AIM services are pull-out services (the student leaves his/her general education classroom to go to the AIM classroom) where students are grouped with a gifted and talented specialist teacher.  AIM curriculum serves to integrate and enrich all areas of the curriculum through a rigorous, relevant, and enriched extension of the regular classroom. AIM classroom activities focus on logic, problem solving, higher order thinking skills, critical and creative thinking. 

    Identified middle school students participate in Gifted Education Middle School (GEMS) courses in Reading Language Arts, social studies, and science.  Identified gifted students in grades 9-12 take Phoenix Humanities English.  9th and 10th graders take advanced Phoenix English.  11th and 12th graders take Phoenix Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) English.

    Kindergarten AIM services begin in March.  Students in grades 1-11 who qualify during the main spring assessment window begin services the following school year.

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