• Mrs. McCain’s

     Classroom Procedures

     (In conjunction with the Technology Procedures)

     Beginning classroom procedures

    •  Be in seat and logged onto computer when tardy bell rings.
      •  Sit in your assigned seat.
      •  Use only your log in ID and password.  Do not share this info w/ classmates

     Leaving classroom

    •  Students are not allowed to leave the classroom unless they have a note from their house office.
      • If you have a note to leave for an appointment, this letter must be taken to your house office prior to class time, you then will receive a slip from your house office to leave at the time in which you need to leave.
    • Restroom breaks
      • A student will be allowed only 3 times to leave the classroom for a restroom break during each nine weeks.  Students are encouraged to use the restroom between passing periods.  A student will be given 3 passes every nine weeks in which they can use to leave the classroom for this purpose.  Once the student uses up their 3 passes, they will not be allowed to leave the classroom, unless it is an emergency or they have a doctor’s note.  At the end of the nine weeks the students can turn in their unused passes for extra credit (10 pt. each towards a daily grade) Students are encouraged to use wise decisions in this manner.
    • Leaving the classroom to go to a student’s house office, pay lunch money, or any other business will not be tolerated unless they have a pass from their house office or they are on a Student Activity Excused List.

     End of Classroom Procedures

    •  Five minutes till the end of class time, students will begin closing procedures:
      •  Students are to turn in completed work in the designated area..
    • Students are to log off their computers.
    • Books and classroom handouts are returned to appropriate places.
    • Students are to remain in their seat until the teacher releases them; the bell does not release the students.  The teacher will dismiss the class once all computers are in appropriate positions, books placed appropriately and classroom is picked up
    • Once student is release they are required to push their chair under the table in its appropriate position.

     Turning work in

    •  All class work is due the day it is assigned or it will be considered late. 
    • All late work will start at a 70, unless the student comes in during a tutorial time to complete the assignment prior to the next class time.
    • If two class times pass and work is still not turned in, the student will receive a zero for their grade on the assignment.


    • A student is responsible for the assignment on the day he/she is absent.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to find out what work he/she missed.
    • A student will have one complete class time to turn in missed work.  If work is not turned in, it will then be considered a zero.
    • There are no books/work that can be taken or completed at home. If a student needs to make up work, they are required to come in during tutorials to make the assignment up.  

    Cell phones, IPods (MP3 players) & other Electronic Devices

    • Cell phones will be picked up if they are out in site, student hiding the use of the phone (i.e. in purse, pocket, or backpack) or if ringer/vibration goes off. If a student’s phone gets confiscated they may pick up their cell phone in their house office.
    • IPods / MP3 players & other Electronic Devices are not permitted unless teacher has given permission, therefore will be picked up if taken out in class.  Students are not to use headphones/ear buds unless given permission to use on computers, these will also be confiscated.

    1st offense: Taken up and held till end of class time / warning   |   2nd offense: taken to house office & office referral & phone call to parent  |  3rd  offense: taken to house office, office referral, phone call to parent & detention/Wed. or Sat. school