• IB English III


    Pastiche Writing


    Pastiche:  An imitation or re-creation of an already published work. 


    Assignment:  In this assignment, the candidates are encouraged to demonstrate their sensitivity to, and understanding of, a work by providing an original composition after the manner of that work.  You will be writing a pastiche over the works of Bharati Mukherjee.



    100-1500 words


    Must by typed according to MLA format

    Must have a works cited page according to MLA format

    Must have three quoted passages from her stories that you incorporate within your narrative.


    In order to be a pastiche, your fictional story must include a theme she uses and elements of her style.


    Her themes:

    Struggles with immigration

    The status of new immigrants

    The feeling of alienation of new immigrants

    The struggle for identity

    Women’s search for identity, especially while struggling with clashing cultures.

    Conflict between cultures

    Immigrant women and their need for freedom from relationships in order to become individuals

    Exploring the idea of conflict when East meets West


    Her style:

    Begins stories with in medias res (in the middle of the action)

    Long Expositions, long rising actions, a very short falling action that follows the climax, and an even shorter resolution, that is sometimes only implied.

    Large breaks between sections when there is a shift in time, place, or character development

    First person point of view primarily for women protagonists

    Third person point of view for men protagonists

    Strong use of symbolism

    Good use of imagery

    Changes in setting


    Words from her native culture

    Strong conflict for our protagonist involving cultural issues