• AP/GT Phoenix

    The AP/GT Phoenix Program is a humanities-based English course designed for identified gifted and talented secondary students in grades 9 through 12.  

    The four year program emphasizes critical writing and reading, development of written style, and interpretive literary analysis through an integration of literature, history, and the fine arts.  Most importantly, curriculum is designed with a focus on the intellectual, emotional, and social needs of the gifted learner. 

    Concentrating on World literature, Seniors and Juniors undertake a two year study of ideas relevant to the contemporary student entitled Exploring the Human Experience.  Ninth grade students engage in a course of study called The American Experience while tenth grade students focus on The Hero's Journey

    AP/GT Phoenix is a designated Advanced Placement course. Students are prepared to sit for both AP English exams (Language and Literature), and receive credit as per AISD's weighted GPA schedule.   


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