• Welcome to Kindergarten


    Personal Items


    Students need a full size school backpack/bag in order to carry their folders, books, and projects to and from school. Please LABEL your child’s personal possessions, coats, backpacks, lunch boxes, sweaters, etc… This will help ensure their return if they are lost. The school’s lost and found will be in the cafeteria. Please refrain from allowing your child to bring personal items/toys to school.   ***Please provide a full change of clothes in your child’s backpack.

    Drop Off/Pick Up


    Bolin Elementary is open to students at 7:25 am. Kindergarten students arriving before 7:35 am will be supervised in the cafeteria. Students are dismissed to their classrooms by grade level at approximately 7:35 am. If your child arrives after 7:35 am, they will go directly to their classroom. 


    Your child can be picked up from school at 2:50 pm. The students are divided into groups by their mode of transportation. Please refer to the dismissal map.


    Attendance/Tardy Policies


    Attendance is vital in kindergarten because we learn many skills each day. In the event your child is unable to attend school, please contact the school office. If your child is absent, please send a written excuse from a parent and/or a doctor’s note within 3 days of the absence.




    If your child is purchasing lunch, the lunch money will need to be given to the Cafeteria Manager in the cafeteria before school or paid online. It is very important that your child pays before school begins since payment is not accepted at lunchtime.  Your child will have two lunch choices each day. These options can be found on the Bolin website under lunch menus. It would help if your child knows his/her decision about what he/she wants for lunch so we can do lunch count quickly.


    Classroom Help/Field Trips


    If you plan to help in the classroom or go on field trips, you must have completed a background check each year. This can be completed at www.allenisd.org.   There are many opportunities for helping in our kindergarten classrooms. Field trips are a special learning experience for our kindergarten students. Therefore, we ask that no siblings attend our field trips.




    Birthdays are an exciting time for our students.  If you would like to provide a birthday treat, we recommend a non-edible item (ex. pencils, stickers, etc.) or items need to be individually packaged ahead of time.  To celebrate your child, we will recognize his/her special day by giving your child a hat and certificate. The office will also recognize your child’s birthday on the morning announcements.




    To change the way your child goes home, you must send a written note. Your child will be sent home each day in the manner originally indicated. We will not allow your child to go home with a friend unless we have written or verbal permission from the parent involved. If your child is riding the bus home with a friend or riding a different bus one day, a separate note is required for the bus driver. If a change in transportation is made after your child is at school, please contact the office. We do not always get a chance to check our voicemail or email before dismissal.




    Daily Folder:


    •Your child is responsible for bringing his/her green folder to and from school every day.


    •Please put everything you need me to see in your child’s daily folder. I will send classroom communication via the daily folder or weekly email newsletter. 


    •If you need to send in money to your child’s teacher for lunch, book orders, etc., please place money in a sealed envelope or baggie with your child’s name and the teacher’s name on the outside as well as what the money is for. This will help in relocating money in case it is lost.





    Our class will attend special classes each day including Music, PE, and Art. These classes are 45 minutes long. Each recess is 20 minutes long. If your child cannot participate in recess or physical education, a written medical note is required.


    Please be sure your child wears tennis shoes on PE days. Due to safety reasons, they will not be able to participate unless they are wearing tennis shoes. The students go to PE three times a week. Please remember that girls may wear dresses and skirts if they are mid-thigh length. We also ask that if girls wear dresses/skirts, they wear shorts/bike shorts underneath. This is especially important when they are playing on the playground and climbing on the equipment.