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    Connect children’s spelling abilities with their overall literacy development.  Keep in mind that if kids aren’t reading much, they won’t be good spellers.  In fact, low-performing readers will usually be low-performing spellers (Wilde 1997).  If they are poor spellers, focus on reading first.



    Great Spellers:

     §  Read a lot and enjoy reading

    §  Are committed writers

    §  Have a fascination with words

    §  Use what they already know about words to figure out new words

    §  View spelling as a mostly logical system that makes sense

    §  Integrate sound, visual, and meaning knowledge

    §  Uses a variety of strategies, including utilizing relevant resources

    §  Care about correct spelling and self-monitor

    §  Assume responsibility for proofreading and editing

    §  Take pride in doing their best work


    Being a good reader is the single most important factor for becoming a good speller.