• Charger

    The Chargers mascot is an orb of energy representing the energy within each of our students.
    The three spheres represent the mind, body and spirit.  In the first sphere, the mind, we will provide each student with a highly engaging, interactive learning environment for their educational success.  We will incorporate the latest technology, such as SMART Boards in every classroom, use best teaching practices and employ “highly qualified” teachers to serve our students.  We will teach the students all the academic skills needed to prepare them for a bright future.
    The second sphere represents the body.  We are committed to providing physical activities, teaching awareness of nutrition and healthy eating habits, and provide for the general welfare of all our students.
    The third sphere represents the Allen Spirit of doing your best, of caring for others, cooperation, responsibility, and commitment to your family and community. 

Last Modified on July 18, 2013