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    My name is Karri Decker. I LOVE teaching AIM! I also LOVE my family. I have been married for 29 years and have 3 children. They keep us VERY busy!! My son recently graduated in Business Management at BYU- Idaho. He moved back to Texas with his sweet wife and both work in Dallas. My daughter is studying Elementary Education at BYU in Utah, and was just married in Aug 2020. My "baby" just finished her freshman year at BYU- Idaho and will be leaving on an 18 month church mission to Sydney Australia in September (likely a temporary assignment in the states first until Austraila opens up). They grow up too fast!!  
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    I grew up in the Rocky Mountains and went to Paradise Valley Elementary School in Casper, Wyoming. When I was just starting High School, we moved to Eagle River, Alaska where I attended Chugiak High School.  I met my husband in Las Cruces, New Mexico where I was attending New Mexico State University on a volleyball scholarship.
    My parents have always been a huge influence in my life. I always look forward to visits to Utah, where they live now. I have one brother, who also resides in Utah with his wife and five children. We always have a great time when we get together.
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    I grew up playing all kinds of sports. I am 6 feet 2 inches tall, and have been since age 14. I started with T-ball and flag football, then moved on to basketball and volleyball, and touched on some soccer and softball....I even playbball ed powder-puff football in HS and was the quarterback for my team. My true love was basketball all through HS, and I still love to coach today. I learned so many great life lessons from playing on a team and working together for a common goal.

    Other hobbies I enjoy are boating, jet skiing, creating digital photo albums, painting, playing the piano, camping, four-wheeling, zip-lining, and going on vacations to new and interesting places. I still have so much to see and do!!

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    I hope to keep learning as I continue to grow up. I love that learning takes place all throughout our lives. It is my goal to help students develop a love for learning so that they never want to stop. I hope I am still taking classes when I'm 90 years old!
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