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    A little bit about me…

            Some things I would LOVE for you to know about me! This is my 15th year of teaching. All of which have been at Marion Elementary. I did some time in Special Education. I taught first grade for 5 years and LOVED IT. This will be my 9th year teaching third grade and LOVE IT even more!

            My family is my EVERYTHING. I’ve been blessed to know my husband since kindergarten! We have four children. Our oldest, is in his third year of college. Our only daughter Skyler, graduated from Allen High School and is an incredible artist! Jayden, is going into 8th grade, while our youngest Ashton Jett, is our last child at Marion and going into the 4th grade!

            My other “everything” is SPORTS! If I’m not watching my own kiddos play football,  baseball and wrestle, I’m watching my NY Giants and my NY Yankees! We are a house divided because my husband is a NY Jets fan, even naming our youngest Ashton Jett after the Jets.

            Packing up everything, and making the big move to Allen, Texas in 2001 (only 3 days before 9/11) from New Jersey, was the best decision we have ever made.

            Know that I do this job because I LOVE IT. I feel relationships are everything. Relationships with the parents are JUST as important as my relationship with the kids. You don’t learn from someone you don’t like and/or respect. I look forward to a TREMENDOUS year of love, laughter and learning!


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