Gifted and Talented Mission Statement:

    To implement a program that meets the unique social, emotional and intellectual needs of gifted and talented students through the collaboration of students, educators, parents and community members to ensure opportunities for maximum growth and development for life-long success.

    Allen ISD - AIM Instruction & Homework Policy

    AIM students are responsible for content/concepts missed while in AIM class.  AIM students should not be penalized for assignments missed while they are in AIM class.

    Classroom teachers are expected to have 5 instructional days each week to move through the direct teach lessons defined in the pacing calendar. In the event that an AIM student misses direct instruction, classroom teachers should ensure mastery of concepts for the AIM student with the following suggested options:

    1. Present missed content in a condensed version.
    2. Utilize the intervention block for missed content.
    3. Use small group instruction time for missed content.
    4. Present missed content other times in the regular class when AIM students are available.
    5. If AIM students miss classroom time to work on long term projects because of AIM class - pace AIM kids separately and give alternate due dates AHEAD of time. 

    AIM students may not be kept in from recess or be required to complete classwork or go over content that was missed while in AIM class. 

    AIM students may have the option of completing missed work. It is acceptable for the teacher to hand students copies of missed work with the understanding that the AIM students have two options:  

    1. AIM students can choose to complete the work to turn in for a grade.
    2. AIM students may look at the work to understand the concepts, write “AIM” at the top of the page, and turn in for a “No Grade” in the gradebook with no penalty. Document in Skyward a “NG” for no grade with a notation for student being in AIM class.



    Homework assignments that AIM students are responsible for completing on AIM days must be preplanned for the entire class, not work given during class time, not work started in class and required to complete as homework. Classwork missed while in AIM should not be finished as homework. 

    AIM students are responsible for turning in any assignments due, from the previous day, to the classroom teachers before going to AIM class. Teachers should initiate plans for student accountability that do not take away from required weekly GT hours. 

    If a student has been ABSENT from school for any length of time, make up work should be done at a time other than the designated AIM class time. If a student has been ABSENT from school on their AIM day, make up work will be given to the student from the AIM teacher, not the classroom teacher.