AGENDA - WEEK OF 12/16 - 12/20
    Monday:  Finish up all missing work.  Go over tests.  Work in groups to practice Science on the Move.
    Tuesday:  Science on the Move teaching activity with younger students.  Write up
    Wednesday:  Sixth Grade Field Trip
    Thursday:  Physical and Chemical Changes games, Sixth grade holiday party.
    Friday:  Half Day, Christmas Movie, clean up.
    AGENDA - WEEK OF 12/9 - 12/13
    Monday:  Lab White Before Your Eyes
    Tuesday:  Textbook pages 139-149 (group race).  Work on google classroom assignment.
    Wednesday:  Work on google classroom assignment, also Choir field trip.  Homework--test review.
    Thursday:  Unit test on Chemical changes.  All google classroom assignments due.
    Friday:  Science on the Move practice.
    AGENDA - WEEK OF 12/2 - 12/6
    Monday:  Review new vocabulary words on chemical changes of matter.  Group vocabulary cherades.  Chemical changes note sheets and examples - complete example worksheet.
    Tuesday:  Bill Nye Chemical Reactions video and notes.  Complete back side "P" for Physical and "C" for Chemical Change on the examples.
    Wednesday:  Marshmallow Man Lab and lab write up.  Textbook pages 130-135.
    Thursday:  Physical and Chemical Changes rotation lab or demos and write up.  Review for vocabulary quiz on Friday.
    Friday:  Vocabulary quiz, work on google classroom assignment to show 5 examples of chemical changes compare to physical changes.
    AGENDA - WEEK OF 11/11
    Monday:  Menu -on physical changes of matter
    Tuesday:  Textbook pages 108 - 116 (matter/volume), work on menus
    Wednesday:  Show examples of water displacement and finding mass, vocabulary quiz on physical changes of matter, textbook pages 117 - 121, work on menu
    Thursday:  Density cube lab - calculating density, work on menu
    Friday:  Physical changes stations, work on menu (due Monday)
    AGENDA - week of 11/4
    Monday:  Benchmark review, go over tests
    Tuesday:  Go over superhero reviews (on google classroom), Math Benchmark
    Wednesday:  Turn in superhero reviews, Groups questions on Force, Motion and Energy--review sheet, Reading Benchmark
    Thursday:  Go over new vocabulary, inference vs. observation, box observations, Science Benchmark
    Friday:  Physical changes of matter notes and video, review vocabulary