• Wise Scientist
    The wisest of scientists know how much stronger they are when they learn from other scientists.  Let these links lead you to learn and play, like all great scientists do!
      Web Resources:
    Matter is the Stuff Around You
    Take a deeper look at matter.
    States of Matter
    Learn how matter goes through physical changes and "changes state."
    Making Mixtures
    How can matter be mixed?
    Matter WEBQUEST
    Help Gray Matter Detective Agency solve the Matter Mystery by recording your evidence on the Investigator's Log from multiple links and site.
    Earth Science, Conservation, and Soil


      Web Resources:
    Welcome to Recycle City
    Read the background story of Dumptown to begin your travels through this important community. What can we learn about our community in this strange place?
    The Great Plant Escape
    Solve the many mysteries on this exciting page investigating plants.


      Solar Systems and Space


      Web Resources:
    NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Discover what technology has made possible linking earth to other planets and beyond!
    NASA Solar System
    Use NASA's site to become an expert on our solar system!
    Fun, Games, and Loads to Learn!
    The Nine Planets... or is it TEN?
    Scroll down to "Contents" for an organized look and multiple links filled with awesome facts. Just a click away!
    Views of the Solar System
    Take a long look of expert photography showing off our galaxy!
    Use this to draw the three dwarf planets in your journal!
    Dwarf Planet Pluto
    Take a deeper look into our Dwarf Planet Pluto!
    Dwarf Planet Eris
    Take a deeper look into our Dwarf Planet Eris!




    Ecosystems and Adaptations
      Web Resources:
    Enchanted Learning Rainforest Glossary Online
    Click on the alphabet to get to the part of the rainforest you'd like to learn more about!
    Use this Enchanted Learning link to learn LOADS about frogs!
    Click on the many ecosystems to learn about how plants, animals, and environments support one another.
    MBGnet - Ecosystems
    Investigate the variety of ecosystems with other young scientists!