• Policies, Procedures and General Information

    2020-2021 School Year Adjustments
    The library is closed to students during this time but students still have access to library resources.
    All students (virtual and in person) have access to a large selection of ebooks and audiobooks through Chandler's library.
    Visit our ebook and audiobooks information page to learn more. Click here
    In person students:
    K-2 students will have an assortment of books to choose from brought to their classroom at a scheduled time each week
    3rd grade- an assortment of books will be brought to the classroom at a scheduled time every other week, and students can use Destiny Discover to request books at any time to be delivered to their classroom.
    4th-6th grade- students can request books through Destiny Discover at any time and they will be delivered to their classroom.
    All books are quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours before being checked in and available for check out.
    General Information

    All books are checked out for 2 weeks.

    Kindergarten and first grade students may check out 1 book.

    Second, third, fourth, and fifth grade students may checkout 2 books

    Sixth graders may check out 3 books
    Students may place holds on books using Destiny Discover and the book will be checked out to the student when it is their turn in the hold line. Please be patient when waiting for a popular book with many holds and find other available books to read in the meantime.
    Note: Ebook and audiobooks are tracked separately and do NOT count towards the totals listed above.


    Allen ISD Elementary Lost and Damaged Books Policy

    If a student loses or damages a library book, the student is responsible for paying for that book.We are happy to work with families who may be unable to pay for replacement books.If a lost book that was paid for is found, please return the book to the library and a refund will be issued if the book is in good condition.Refunds will gladly be issued during the same school year the book was lost.  However, we will be unable to refund lost book money after the last day of the school year that the book was lost.