Math Master
    Sharpen those Math Skills!!
    Visit the AISD Portal for curriculum sites, including the math textbook at

    Allen ISD Portal

    Addition and Subtraction
    Click on Instructions to learn the game, set the game at easy, hard, or in between, and choose addition, subtraction, or both. How will you do? Watch out for those answers. When you are going quickly they seem to jump back and forth!


    Bar Graphs and Pictographs
    Create any style of graph to communicate your data or information on this step-by-step site.
    Click on "Graphs" and "Level 1" to bulk your strength!
          How do they work? What does it mean?
          What fractions equal one whole?
    How much of the pizza did you eat? 4/8? or 1/2?
    Comparing fractions
    Take it to the next level!
    Web Resources:
    3-D Shape Manipulator
    Find the area and perimeter of the given rectangle! Read the lower section if you need to review!

          Click on links from easy to hard using both centimeters and inches!
    Click on "Measurement" and "Level 1" to begin practicing area, perimeter, and more! Watch the question bar at the top!
    Measure the teddy bear and test knowledge of length!
    How well can you measure the exact spot on the ruler?
    Move the ruler the measure the lines to the nearest cm!
    Check out the STEPS!
    Money Magic

    Click on the USA Flag to start the game. Read the amount of sale and the amount paid, then click on the bills and coins needed to give the right amount of change. What a fun challenge!
    Click on Easy, Medium, or Hard and put the requested money on the desk! How many can you get?
    Need a challenge Try out these expert money situations, and don't forget to keep your thinking cap on!
    Start with Singles. Read the directions, and "Play Ball!"
    Match the correct problems with their answers.
    Can you solve three in a row?
    Mayan Math Monster
    Choose "Multiplication" and "Hard" to practice 2-digit x 2-digit multiplication!
    Number Sense


    Use the "greater than" and "less than" clues to guess the secret number!
    Use logic, strategy and a little luck to create the largest number that you can!


    Problem Solving

    Game Aquarium
    With over ten links to a variety of situations, this site is rich in real world ideas!

    Temperature From a Scientist's Point of View
    Look at how temperature changes matter.
    Time and Clock Practice

    Match the clocks
    Match the digital clock to the traditional/analog clock. Telling time is fun!