• The Story of Boyd Elementary

    Alton Papa Boyd Picture

    In the late 1970's, when Jupiter was only a dirt road and Allen was still a very small town, Alton Boyd Elementary was built in the pasture at the corner of Jupiter and Bethany. The surrounding neighborhood was young and growing rapidly.

    At that time there was only one other elementary school in Allen. The tradition in Allen ISD is to name new schools in honor of outstanding citizens in the community who have had a positive impact on the education of our children. This honor was bestowed on a long time Allen resident known as Alton "Papa" Boyd, a carpenter by trade, who was extremely active in the educational community.

    He was a student in Allen from 1914-1920. Alton Boyd served on the school board from 1936-1963 and as president of the board from 1946-1961. Boyd also served on the Collin County school board from 1963-1975. Dedication to the educational community did not stop with "Papa" Boyd. His daughter was a school librarian in the district for many years and his son-in-law served as principal of Rountree.

    Boyd Elementary proudly celebrates many decades of educating the youth of Allen. Years of dedicated teachers, administrators and staff, community support, and students continually striving for success. Alton "Papa" Boyd's legacy of outstanding dedication and service to the youth of Allen and his belief in quality education is being carried forward by the community of learners at the school named in his honor on February 20, 1978.