• Immunization Information
    All students must meet the Texas immunization requirements prior to school entry. Please refer to the information below to find the most up-to-date requirements.
    If your student receives any immunizations during a doctor's visit, please bring in the updated record and I will enter the new immunizations into the computer system.
    Click on the following link to access detailed information about all new vaccine requirements.
    Headlice Information
    When a parent calls to inform me that they have found lice in their child's hair or I find a confirmed case of lice in the classroom, any siblings of that student will be checked. Mass head checks have not been proven to be effective--parents must be diligent at home by checking their child's head as needed.  AISD policy asks that teachers and nurses be very discreet concerning students with lice. The student will be excluded from the classroom until an FDA approved lice killing shampoo has been applied and I have rechecked their hair before entering the classroom again. I will check the student once more 7 days after initial treatment to be sure the problem has resolved. Lice are very common in school populations, are generally very harmless, but annoying.
    If you find that your child has lice, please notify me so that I be sure to monitor the situation. Please be assured that I will keep each case very CONFIDENTIAL. But it is important that I am notified of any lice cases that are discovered by a parent at home.
    Please click on the links below for some helpful headlice information.
Last Modified on March 1, 2021