• DOLLS D.O.L.L.S is a club created to reach out to middle & high school students during those challenging young adult years and introduce them to the abundant life God promises His children.  Our goal is to teach  youth that they are, in fact, “true royalty” because they are a child of the King.  For this reason, D.O.L.L.S is an acronym that stands for Daughters of Our Living Lord & Savior. 
    Our chapters meet weekly before or after school, depending on each campus.  It is led by a group of girls known as our “5 Main”.  These roles include our President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, & two Chaplains. Our weekly meetings begin with snacks and fifteen minutes of praise and worship.  Following that, our chaplain lead a thirty minute devotional addressing issues concerning the lives of our members from a Bibilical perspective.  We close our devotionals by reading the prayer requests of our members.  To conclude our meetings, the remaining 5 Main join the chaplains up front and discuss any business related to the club, including upcoming social events, volunteering opportunities, and ways the members can continue in their efforts to grow closer to God beyond involvement in this club. 
    Our first official meeting took place in mid-April of 2006 on the Ford Middle School campus in Allen, Texas.  Over the years we have seen God do some incredible things in the lives of our members.  Many students have initiated, for their first time, a relationship with Christ.  We have provided multiple members with their first Bibles, using the donations of people who have heard of our mission to impact young teenagers.  God has truly used the people involved with this organization to do some amazing things!  It is our greatest desire to see this club become a nationally known organization, bringing young women across the country to an understanding of the gospel message of Jesus Christ.
    Teenaged students are at a very vulnerable stage in their life.  They find themselves at a pivotal point where they will make decisions that can forever impact the course of their journey.  DOLLS intends to help show these students the “right decisions” based on the Truth in God's Word, steering them clear of making negative ones. We serve to lead them down the path of righteousness, to a relationship with the Living Lord & Savior. 
    DOLLS Stats:
       Colors: Lime Green & Pink

    : The Royal Crown

       Bible Verse
    : 1 John 3:1
       Officers: “The 5 Main” President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, & 2 Chaplains