As part of our literacy program, your child will be learning "sight words."  Sight words are words that children encounter frequently in print.  These same words are among those used most frequently by children in their writing. Learning these words "by sight" will assist your child in becoming a stronger reader and writer. 
    By clicking on the link below, you will be able to print a list of sight words to use in the following at-home activities. 
    Below are some fun activities to utilize at home to help build your child's sight word vocabulary:
    * Rainbow Letters:   Ask your child to write a sight word on paper in large letters. Using different-colored crayons, your child can then trace around the word again and again, reading the word each time.
    * Read My Back:   "Write" a sight word on your child's back. Can your child guess the word?  Trade places - let your child trace a word from the list on your back.  Continue taking turns tracing and guessing sight words.
    * I Spy:   Play a game of  "I Spy..."  One player starts by giving a clue about one of the sight words - for example, "I'm thinking of a word that starts like horse and has three letters."  The other player looks at the list and tries to identify the word. (his)
    * Delicious Words:   Write sight words in anything your child can eat such as whipped cream, peanut butter etc...
    * 3D Words:   Use modeling clay to form sight words. Practice reading and spelling each word.
    * Magazine or Newspaper Hunt:   Sit with your child and look at newspapers or magazines to see how often sight words pop up in print.  Ask your child to choose a sight word from the list. Look for the word together. Highlight and count the word each time it appears. Try the same thing with a second sight word. Which word appears more often?
    * Sight Word Go Fish:   Write each word on two index cards. Shuffle, deal, and play like regular "Go Fish"
    * Wordo:   Play this game like Bingo, except write sight words in each box, instead of numbers.
    * Concentration:   Write each word on two index cards. Shuffle cards and lay out face down. Play the game like "Memory" - player turns over two cards. If a player gets a match, he must read the word before he can pick up the cards. Player with the most matches wins the game.  
     * Letter Magnet Spelling:   To reinforce sight word spelling, provide the child with a set of letter magnets and a metal surface. Call out sight words and ask the child to use the magnets to spell the words.
    *Good Clean Words:   Write each word in shaving cream on a counter or surface that can be cleaned easily.
    *Tic-Tac-Toe:  Write each word in the tic-tac-toe spacesTake turns selecting a space to read. If read correctly, an X or an O is placed on the space until someone wins.
    *Penny Toss :  Put words on the floor. Have your child toss a penny onto a word and say that word. If correct, the child keeps the penny - if incorrect the child gives the penny to the parent. At the end of the game, count pennies and compare who received the most amount of pennies. This is a fun way to practice sight words and counting money at the same time.