• What our teachers are saying...

    "Our kindergarten team used our books and science kits to enrich our science lessons.  The children will continue to use the manipulatives to conduct experiments that correspond to our TEKS. We have shared all of the resources, ideas and supplies with each member of our team.  Our Kindergarten Team has six teachers, and the things that we purchased added a lot to our lessons.  The children loved the hands-on materials and experiments!"
    Small Scientist Grant
    Evans Elementary


    "This grant enabled me to purchase an additional 180 books for our guided reading library. Students in grades K-6 benefit from these books.  Students were highly engaged as they enjoyed the texts and were able to compare/contrast information between the two books.  Reluctant readers became more engaged...it impacted a large number of students and provided an easy resource for teachers to pull high interest texts in both fiction and nonfiction genres.  Students were able to use higher level thinking skills to compare the similarities and differences between the texts."
    Pick A Pair of Pair-It Books Grant
    Anderson Elementary

    "The greatest impact I saw was the excitement of the students as they watched the plants begin to grow.  There was much discussion, questioning and sharing of information throughout this project.  Because of the hands-on nature of this grant, the students really got involved in their learning.  It seemed that some of the students had never really “played” in the dirt before, or saw real live grub worms, or earthworms. What fun!"
    A Season of Learning Grant
    Reed Elementary