• Questions for Blue Moon Points Here are questions for the  2019-2020 school year.


     I may add some during the year, also. It is your job to find the answers. This is totally optional!

    To submit an answer, you may e-mail me or bring a paper copy of the following information to me. When submitting an answer, you must send the QUESTION as well as HOW you found the answer. For example, if Question #10 asks, "Who invented three hundred products using the chemicals that make up peanuts?" You would send me: "Who invented three hundred products using the chemicals that make up peanuts?" Answer: George Washington Carver How I found out: I asked my dad and I looked on the Internet
    Question #1 Who was Peter Roget?
    Question#2 Who is Mrs. Ryan's favorite artist?
    Question #3 What subject does one have to be good in...in order to build a balanced mobile?
    Question #4 6+3+2+1+8= 10+ 1+ ?
    Question #5 Why is it important to learn vocabulary words?
    Question #6 How many sides are there on a stop sign? What is this shape called?
    Question #7 Mrs. Ryan drinks water from her turquoise container. If she fills it to the top line and drinks it all....how much water will she drink? (metric system)
    Question #8 Which planet is closest to the sun?
    Question #9 What is the name of the bridge that connects the lower peninsula to the upper peninsula of Michigan?
    Question #10 How many centimeters are there in a meter?
    Question #11 What word did we talk about in class that starts with the letter "R" and a synonym for this word is "hungry."
    Question #12 Who is our current principal and what date is her birthday?
    Question #13 Where was Ms. Dmytrus born?
    Question #14 Why are pentominoes called "pentominoes"?
    Question #15 Name two mountain ranges in the United States.
    Question #16 Name a flower that starts with the letter "L" that was mentioned in one of our current reading stories.
    Question #17 Is a square a rectangle? How can you tell?
    Question #17 When Mrs. Ryan's grandpa was 17, he got on a ship all alone and came to America. What country did he live in before coming to America?
    Question #18 Name three things that are usually cylindrical?
    Question #19 What is the plural of "octopus"?
    Question #20 What is the plural of "ox"?
    Question #21 What happens to a starfish if one of its arms is detached?
    Question #22 Who was Helen Keller? 
    Question #23 If you double 10 and then add 35 and then subtract 6...what is the final answer?_____ Now, can you come up with a question in which the answer would be the number you just figured out? (and it can't be the same question that I asked) For example, if the answer was "7," you might ask "How many days are in a week?"
    Question #24 What are the main ingredients in tortillas?
    Question #25 Can you figure out this pattern? M - T - W - T - ? - S - S
    Question #26 Can you solve this pattern? 23 - 25 - 28 - 32 - 34 - 37 - 41 - 43 - ?- ?- ?
    Question #27 Name at least 3 famous spiders.
    Question #28 How many ounces in a quart?
    Question #29 Why is Ruby Bridges famous?
    Question #30 Name all the states that start with the letter "M." Which one would you like to travel to and why?
    Question #31 How many stars make up the BIG DIPPER?
    Question #32 Name a dog (and spell it correctly) that is typically found at a fire station. (hint: spots)
    Question #33 If there were 234 children at a park playing on the swings, and 105 of those kids were girls...how many were boys?
    Question #34 Do you live in rural, urban, or suburban community? How do you know?
    Question #35 Where is Mt. Rushmore located?
    Question #36 What is a palindrome. Name 4 palindromes.
    Question #37 Which is more... 3 quarters, 2 dimes and 9 pennies OR 4 quarters and 1 nickel?
    Question #38 Besides a starfish, what other animal can grow back a missing part if it is removed (regeneration)?
    Question #39 If you are a "longhorn," what college do you attend?
    Question #40 What planet was demoted to a "dwarf planet" in 2006?
    Question #41 In the classroom, what kind of plants are we growing at the back table? S___________.
    Question #42 Describe the steps that a tadpole goes through.
    Question #43 Is the following statement a fact or opinion: Playing the game of four-square is very easy!
    Question #44 What is a synonym for the word "basement"?
    Question #45 If you are a pediatrician, what do you do?
    Question #46 Name 4 different ways that eggs can be prepared. How do you like your eggs prepared?
    Question #47 If there are twelve pieces of pizza, and your friend eats 2 pieces and you eat twice as many pieces as your friend....how many pieces would be left?
    Question #48 What time does the Allen Public Library open on Sunday?
    Question #49 Alphabetize these words: *BRAIN *BREAD *BRILLIANT *BRAT *BRAVO *BEST *CRUMB *BILL
    Question #50 Who wrote The Hickory Chair?
    Question #51 Describe the process that a dragonfly goes through to become a dragonfly.
    Question #52 What is there to do for fun in Branson, Missouri?
    Question #53 Tell me the colors that Mondrian preferred?
    Question #54 What is the difference between "parallel" and "perpendicular" lines.
    Question #55 Draw a sketch of a harp.
    Question #56 Al has 16 mice. Bob has 2 times as many as Al. Carol had 4 less than Al. Dana had the same amount as Bob. If these 4 people put all their mice together, how many mice would there be?
    Question #57 What is an infirmary?
    Question #58 What are trousers?
    Question #59 My friend, Debby, has a dog. It is very hard to spell the name of this breed. It sounds like: DOX-EN. How do you really spell this word?
    Question #60 Who is the Vice-President of the United States of America?
    Question #61 Round these numbers and then add them together: 33 - 47 - 12 - 67 - 45
    Question #62 Do NOT round these numbers. Just add them together. What is the sum? 33+47+12+67+45=
    Question #63 What day of the week will this date land on in the year 2015.........December 25th? __________    
    Question #64 Where would you find a filament?
    Question #65 What kind of animal was Martha in Martha?
    Question #66 I ate talapia for dinner on Friday night. What is talapia?
    Question #67 Tell why the invention of the light bulb made it safer for people.
    Question #68 Who coaches the Dallas Mavericks?
    Question #69 Name one street that is perpendicular to Jupiter.
    Question #70 We talked about 4 levels of questions. Which level is the most difficult? Which is easiest? Which level do you prefer? Why?
    QUESTION #71 What is the girl's name in The Legend of the Bluebonnet?
    Question #72 Name one word that could appear on this dictionary page: GUIDE WORDS are "stray" and "stump."
    Question #73 What artist enjoyed drawing water lilies?
    Question #74 Name the four chambers of the heart.
    Question #75 What is Mrs. Henderson's middle name?  
    Question #76 How many centimeters in 5 meters?
    Question #77 What is 13+13+13+57+2=
    Question #78 What is the word to describe people who can use their right or left hand to write?
    Question #79 In a poem by Clement Moore ('Twas the Night Before Christmas)he names reindeer. Give me the name of all the reindeer he mentions.
    Question #80 What are lines of latitude?
    Question #81 What are lines of longitude?
    Question #82 Nathan went to the store and bought 2 pounds of ham @ 2.99 a pound. He also bought a loaf of whole wheat bread for 1.89 and a jar of 2.39 mustard. He gave the lady $10.00, but that wasn't enough money. How much MORE money does Nathan need?
    Question #83 What tribe did She-Who-Is-Alone belong to?
    Question #84 What is the capital of Maine?
    Question #85 What does "font size" refer to in WORD?
    Question #86 Name three or four different meanings for the word, "BRIDGE."
    Question #87 How many ounces in ONE QUART?
    Question #88 Name the 16th and 17th Presidents of the United States.
    Question #89 Name a career that has to know a lot about fingerprints.
    Question #90 What is the name and birth place of the current principal?
    Question #91 Draw a trapezoid.
    Question #92 What is the capital of Poland?
    Question #93 Over the holidays I saw some beautiful peacocks in San Antonio. Is it the male or the female that spreads the feathers on its back into a beautiful fan of colors?
    Question #94 Pacas are large rodents. Where are they usually found?
    Question #95 If you unscramble these letters, what is the name of the state? N N N E A A S Y P L I V
    Question #96 What does a PLATYPUS and an ECHIDNA have in common?
    Question #97 What is the sum of 65, 56, 98, and 89?
    Question #98 What is 42 divided by 6?
    Question #99 Who wrote a poem that starts like this.... "Whose woods these are I think I know, His house is in the village, though..." ?
    Question #100 Name a color that is reddish-purplish. It has 7 letters and starts with an "M."
    Question #101 What is 59 times 3? Question #102 What comes next...?33, 43, 53, 64, 75, 87, ___ Question #103 Name two times when it would be handy understand "perimeter."
    Question #104 What is Daniel Boone most famous for?
    Question #105 How many counties are there in the state of Texas?
    Question #106 What are "red pockets"?
    Question #107 Who wrote the poem titled, "DREAMS"?
    Question #108 When was Harriet Tubman born?
    Question #109 How many goals did Miss Rumphius have?
    Question #110 Who wrote Treasure Island,?
    Question #111 When the fairylike creature hovered about the room in Pandora's Box, she said, "I am to be called _ _ _ _."
    Question #112 What did the "troubles" look like in Pandora's Box?
    Question #113 What island is mentioned (as the setting) in The Flight of Icarus?
    Question #114 Who asked, "Epimethius, what do you have in that box?"
    Question #115 What is the name of the fable that teaches us not to lie...because when something is really wrong, no one may believe you?!
    Question #116 Who is the the current Governor of Texas?
    Question #117 Who was Clara Barton?
    Question #118 What is so special about a square?
    Question #119 What city would you travel to to see the Alamo?
    Question #120 What is a diameter?
    Question #121 What is a radius?
    Question #122 What is the capital of Ireland?
    Question #123 What is another name for a walking cane?
    Question #124 What is 1/2 of the sum of 136 + 48 ?
    Question #125 What is a parasol?
    Question #126 In which part of the body is a podiatrist most interested?
    Question #127 Where was Mrs. Jung born?   
    Question #128 Name at least 4 interesting facts about Benjamin Franklin.
    Question #129 Fred is 13. Greg is 12 years older than Fred. Mrs. Ryan is 2 times as old as Greg. Carly is 30 years younger than Mrs. Ryan. How old is Carly?
    Question #130 What is scoliosis? Question #130 Why is calcium important to the body?
    Question #131 What do you call the tray that holds paper for a printer? (clue: it starts with the letter "h.")
    Question #132 What is the difference between "transparent" and "translucent"?
    Question #133 What causes frostbite?
    Question #134 What is "tweed"?
    Question #135 In The Hickory Chair, where did the little blind boy find his note from his grandma?
    Question #136 If you have glossitis, what part of your body is inflamed?
    Question #137 Would you rather be a triangle or a circle? Why?
    Question #138 TEARS:SADNESS :: SMILE: _____________
    Question #139 4:16 :: 6: _____
    Question #140 What is the most banal part of school for you?
    Question #141 What do we call an experienced soldier or an ex-soldier? Clue: it starts with the letter "v." - - - - - - -
    Question #142 Name three different types of clouds.
    Question #143 What is a synonym for the word "enigma"?
    Question#144 What restaurant would you like to go to if you could pick any restaurant in the area? Why?
    Question #145 Name an animal that is a mammal, but it lays eggs.
    Question #146 What do you think is the most wonderful thing about being a teacher?
    Question #147 How do you say "green" in Spanish?
    Question #148 What was the name of the pig that saved the lady who was having a heart attack? Is the pig still living?
    Question #149 Name two different meaning for the word "column."
    Question #150 What is a word that starts with the letter "b" which means "shouted or roared"?
    Question #151 Spell the last names of the two interns that worked in our classroom this year.
    Question #152 List 5 examples of onomatopoeia.
    Question #153 Describe what it means to "make a profit."
    Question #154 If two rooms have the same area, does that mean they have the same perimeter? Draw a picture to support your answer. 5-12-04
    Question #155 If a pizza is divided into 12 pieces and I eat one quarter of the pizza, how many pieces did I eat? How many pieces are left?
    Question #156 Approximately how many miles is it from Dallas, Texas to Lansing, Michigan?
    Question #157 On May 28th, if I say, "I had a dentist appointment 3 weeks ago, but I forgot to go," on which date was my appointment scheduled?
    Question #158 What is the phone number of the Allen Public Library? 
    Question #159 What is a spile?
    Question#160 Where does Mrs. Ryan's youngest daughter live?
    This concludes your opportunity for Blue Moon points for the 2019-2020 school year. Thank you for participating!