•  Grants and Donations -
    For the 2018-2019 school year, I have received some grants from Adoptaclassroom.org and from Donorschoose.org. Some of the products I've received are vocabulary notebooks, vocabulary learning cards, dry erase paddles, clip boards, and markers. Also, I got lucky and received a big box of supplies worth $200. from Right Road Teachers.  Also, we received some canvas bags coming from Donorschoose. Another fortune that came our way was a bunch of donated books from Solina Marquis. 
    Third Grade was awarded a grant for the 2017-2018 school year. We received the Scholastic News Magazines again. They were fabulous for teaching non-fiction. 
    For the 2016 - 2017 year, the 3rd Grade Team was chosen to receive Scholastic News Magazines from the Foundation for Allen Schools. We loved using them!
    On January 7th, 2016 our class project called "My Poetry!" was funded through Donorschoose.org. A former student, Dale Kleinschmidt, donated money for most of this project. His donation was a big surprise! The rest of the funding came through the Apollo Education Group. We were very happy to receive our clip boards, pens, and paper. Very excited!
    In September of 2015, our class was awarded a donorschoose.org grant. We received Vocabulary Spirals. Each child received his/her own! Woo-hoo! 
    In September and October of 2014, our class got lucky! We received an anonymous donation from donorschoose.org and a donation from AdoptAClassroom.org. which was funded through the Coach Foundation.   We were able to purchase vocabulary notebooks and blank books. We also were able to purchase a bunch of supplies that will help us out immensely with various reading and writing projects. We bought cardstock, sharpies, colored pencils, origami paper, pencils, construction paper, and many other things! We were,of course, very appreciative!
    For the 2013-2014 year, third graders were able to read the Scholastic News Magazine during reading and social studies. These magazines are filled with non-fiction topics, graphs, current events, and they also integrate with the Smartboard. The "Extra, Extra, Read All About It" grant was awarded to Boyd's third grade team at the year's end. 
    For the 2010-2011 school year, I was awarded a grant called, "From Picasso To Poetry." This grant helped fund the materials for some artistic creations which  accompanied our writing. Our goal was to to take a look at the lives of some impressive poets, artists, and authors. We  created works to illustrate our writings.
    Third Grade  also benefited from a grant written by Sheri Vasinda. This grant funded our mystery books  for our BOOK CLUBS.
    For the 2008-2009 school year, third graders  received a blank book from the BARE BOOKS Company. They created  original stories and illustrated them.
    The funding for this project came from the "Jeannette's Story" Grant.

    For the 2007-2008 school year, I was awarded two grants. One was called "Writing - Make It Authentic," and the other was "Audio Assistance and the Distractor Factor." We wrote to Mrs. Barnes, to friends and relatives and to our pen pals. We also sent thank-you notes to Petco and to Mark (the man in Farmersville who gave us the tadpoles). During independent work time, we used compact CD players (with classical music) to tune out noises. Some students used the CD players to listen to recorded literature.

    For the 2006-2007 school year, I received two grants from the Foundation for Allen Schools.
    One was called "Writing - Make It Real," and the emphasis was on real and relevant writing activities. The third graders were provided with postage, envelopes, pens, and all kinds of motivating activities!
    The other grant was called "A Jumpstart to Loving Literacy." These funds covered our transportation costs to visit the Allen Public Library. The importance of children visiting the library and self-selecting books is very great.

    On August 22nd, our class went to the Allen Public Library. We loaded the bus and arrived in no time flat! The learners were excited. We started off in the big room listening to Mrs. Marquis tell a couple stories. Following that, I gave a brief talk about the beautiful murals that grace the far wall in the children's section. Next, Mrs. Marquis gave a brief tour, explaining to the learners where books are located and general procedures for check-out. Everyone with a library card made book selections. We returned to Boyd!

    We have written letters to a relative, to Mrs. Barnes, a Marine in Iraq, and a few to our pen-pals. We love receiving mail back!

    During the 2005-2006 school year, we "Danced With The Text." What this means is that the students were immersed in some selected pieces of literature.They felt as though they knew everything about the stories. The components of the literature took on a special meaning.
    Areas we focused on:
    *Making Connections (text-to-self, text-to-world, text-to-text)
    *Plot Summary (Characters, Setting, Problem, Resolution, Conclusion)
    *Writing Tie-Ins

    These are the books I selected:
    The Legend of the Lady's Slipper by Kathi-Jo Wargin
    Ella Fitzgerald by Andrea Pinkney
    Nonna's Porch by Rita Gray
    Martin's Big Words by Doren Rappaport
    How Many Days to America? by Eve Bunting
    Sunshine Home by Eve Bunting
    Happy Birthday, America by Mary Pope Osborne
    Survivors (of the Titanic) by Caryn Jenner
    Night of the Gargoyles by Eve Bunting
    The Legend of the Loon by Kathi-Jo Wargin
    A Day's Work by Eve Bunting
    The Edmund Fitzgerald by Kathi-Jo Wargin
    Wingwalker by Rosemary Wells

    *Special thanks to the Foundation for Allen Schools.

    Other Grants I have Received:
    The TEKS Jump Into Jeopardy (2004-05)
    Philosopher Juniors (2003-2004)
    Art Docent Juniors (2000-2001)