Hello, I'm Maridee Ryan... 
    This 2019-2020 school year is my 43rd  year of teaching. I began my teaching journey
    in 1977, when I graduated from Michigan State University. I taught in Jackson, Michigan
    for two years. Upon moving to Dallas in 1979, I began teaching Science at J.W. Carpenter Elementary. I also taught grades 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in Dallas. Since 1986, I have been at Boyd Elementary. I initially taught 3rd grade for 6 years and then taught AIM (Gifted and Talented) for 9 years. In 2001, I returned to third grade, which just happens to be my favorite grade!   

    MY VISION FOR THE 2019-2020 YEAR IS TO... 


    *Stimulate Thinking and Questioning
    *Allow Learners to Comfortably Take Risks
    *Help Children GROW in their "Reading Life"
    *Laugh...and Inject Humor into Learning
    *Expose Learners to Great Literature                                                                 
    *Teach/Recognize Empathy and Compassion for Others                             
    *Encourage Growth Mindsets
    *Focus on Goal-setting and High Expectations 


    Favorite Artists: H. Matisse, M. Chagall, Jacob Lawrence, Sandi Fitzgerald

    Favorite Songs: Edelweiss, Young At Heart

    Favorite Singers: Harry Chapin, Frank Sinatra, Los Indios Trabajaros, Etta James, Havana NRG, Chants from Monks in Austria, Joni Mitchell

    Spare Time  Activities: Knitting, Reading, Walking, Watching Movies and Documentaries, Scrabble, Kayaking

    Favorite Children's Books: Hickory Chair, Mr. Lincoln's Way, and Thank You Mr. Falker, Tiger Rising, and Out of My Mind.

    Favorite Children's Authors: Polacco, Bunting, Wargin

    Favorite Sounds: Kids laughing, Trains, geese honking, acorns hitting the roof

    Favorite TV Shows: Anything about law or crime, Documentaries about Education,  Biographies, News

    Favorite Spots: Northern Michigan, San Antonio, hotels

    Favorite Scents: Lilac, Hyacinth, Gardenia, Coconut, Citrus

    Favorite New Word/s:    
    South African kindness: humanity, compassion, and goodness, regarded as fundamental to the way Africans approach life
    Favorite Poets: Shel Silverstein, Robert Frost, and Mattie Stepanek

    Spare Time I Enjoy: Technology, Writing, Crafts, Reading
    Favorite Spots in Allen: Public Library, OTB, Hobby Lobby, Mi Cocina

    I Wish I Could: Cook, Sing

    Favorite Games To Play: Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Jeopardy, Pick Two, and any word games


    Last Books I Read:

    The Innovator's Mindset by Couros

    Elderhood by Aronson 

    Girl, Wash Your Face (R. Hollis)

    Disruptive Thinking (Probst and Beers)

    Guided Reading (Scholastic) Jan Anderson

    Tell Me More by Kelly Corrigan

    Everything Happens For a Reason by Kate Bowler

    Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker 

    The Essential 55 by Clark 

    Rising Strong by Brene Brown 

    A Man Called Ove by BackmanLines by Magrady 

    Word Nerds  by Overturf, Montgomery, and Smith 

    8 Habits of Love by Ed Bacon 

    The Artist's Way by 
    Talk, Read, Talk, Write by Motley  


    The Great Lakes 

    The End of Molasses Classes  by Clark 

    As Far As the Heart Can See by Nepo
    Daring Greatly by Brown

    The Best of Sydney Harris

    10 Things Every Writer Needs to Know by Anderson

    The Happiness Project by Rubin
     The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Haddon

    Writing With Kindergarteners by Dumaine

    A New Set of Eyes by D'Arcy

    World Religions  by Pollock

    The Four Things That Matter Most by Byock                                                                                 

    Water for Elephants by Gruen

    The Noticer   by Andy Andrews

    Meditations With Tea   by Rosen

    Creative Is A Verb    by Digh

    The Gifts of Imperfection    by Brown

    Brain Rules   by John Medina

    Teach Like A Champion    by Doug Lemov

    A Whole New Mind   by Pink

    The Differentiated Math Classroom    by Murray

     The Element   by Sir Ken Robinson

     Comprehension Connection   by McGregor

    The Book Whisperer   by Miller

    The Measure of a Man   by Poiter

    Helping Your Child with Selective Mutism   by McHolm

    The Outliers   by Gladwell

    The Morning Meeting   by Kriete

    Thank God It's Monday   by Emmerich

     life is a verb   by P.Digh

    Five Equations That Changed the World   by Guillen

    The Art and Science of Teaching   by Marzano

    The Last Lecture   by Pausch

    Teachers, Change Your Bait!   by Kaufeldt,

    The Remarkable Baobab   by Pakenham

    How Full Is Your Bucket?   by Rath and Clifton

    A New Earth   by Tolle

    Teaching From the Deep End   by Belmonte

    Sahara Special   by Codell

    The Latehomecomer   by Yang

     The Friday Night Knitting Club   by Jacobs

     The Glass Castle   by Walls

    Three Cups of Tea   by Mortenson

    A Kick In the Attitude!   by Glenn

    Seedfolks   by Fleischman

     Same Kind of Different As Me   by Hall and Moore

    Quiet Strength, a Memoir   by Tony Dungy

    Classic Wiley   by Ralph Wiley

    By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept   by Paulo Coelho

    eat, love, pray   by Gilbert

    Balcony People   by Heatherly

    The Alchemist   by Coelho

     The Reading Zone   by Nancie Atwell

    When Bad Things Happen to Good People   by Kushner

    *Ten Conversations You Need To Have With Your Children   by Boteach

    What Great Teachers Do Differently   by Whitaker

    *The Heart Speaks   by Guarneri

     Fierce Conversations   by Scott

     The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down   by Fadimar

     Coming To Our Senses   by Kabat-Zinn.

    Favorite Puzzles: Oekaki Logic and Crosswords

    Quotes to Ponder

    Let your conscience be your guide.
    -Jiminy Cricket

    You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself.
    -Harvey Firestone

    Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.
    -Edward de Bono

    Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all people cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.
    -Maya Angelou

    Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
    -Leo Buscaglia

    The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another.
    -Marva Collins

    Child, give me your hand
    That I may walk in the light
    Of your faith in me.
    -Hannah Kahn

    Those who are humble do not think less of themselves, they simply think of themselves less.
    -Ken Blanchard

    If you confer a benefit, never remember it; if you receive one, never forget it.

    If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.
    -James Freeman Clarke

    You have to think anyway, so why not think big?
    -Donald Trump

    We must teach our children to dream with open eyes.
    -Harry Edwards

    Two roads diverge in a wood, and I-
    I took the one less traveled by.
    And that has made all the difference.
    -Robert Frost

    If you don't execute your ideas...they'll die.
    -Robert Percival

    Attitudes are contagious. Do you want people to catch yours?
    -Bob Moawad

    If you're too busy to help the people around you succeed, you're too busy.
    -Bob Moawad

    Character is what you are in the dark.
    -Dwight Moody

    Inches make champions.
    -Vince Lombardi

    I could use a hundred people who don't know there is such a word as impossible.
    -Henry Ford

    Be gentle and patient with people. Everyone's bruised.
    -Katie Lambert

    The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels.
    -Hazrat Inayat Khan

    Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
    -Abraham Lincoln

    Children Learn What They Live
    -Dorothy Law Nolte

    If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn,
    If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.
    If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive.
    If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves.
    If children live with ridicule, they learn to feel shy.
    If children live with jealousy, they learn to feel envy.
    If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty.
    If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.
    If children live with tolerance, they learn patience.
    If children live with praise, they learn appreciation.
    If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.
    If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves.
    If children live with recognition, they learn it is good to have a goal.
    If children live with sharing, they learn generosity.
    If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness.
    If children live with fairness, they learn justice.
    If children live with kindness and consideration, they learn respect.
    If children live with security, they learn to have faith in themselves and in those about them.
    If children live with friendliness, they learn the world is a nice place in which to live.

    Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.
    -Dr. Spock

    Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.
    -Anne Herbert

    I am made of all that I have seen.
    -Henri Matisse

    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
    -Ralph Waldo Emerson

    To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch… to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded!
    – Emerson

    No act of love, however small, is ever wasted.

    When death finds you, hope that it finds you alive.
    - Japanese proverb

    If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.
    -Booker T. Washington

    Talent is God-given; be thankful
    Praise is man-given; be humble.
    Conceit is self-given; be careful.
    -Dave Driscoll

    Faith is not the knowledge of what the mystery of the universe is, but the conviction that there is a mystery and that it is greater than us.
    -Rabbi David Wolpe

    Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.
    -Charles R. Swindoll

    Children have more need of models than of critics.
    -Joseph Joubert

    Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.
    -Helen Keller

    A happy life consists in tranquility of mind.


    Those who know better, do better.

    -Maya Angelou