• Allen Archery Team


    Welcome to the Allen Competitive Archery Team. Our mission is the advancement of the Sport of archery by nurturing existing archers, cultivating new archers and advancing the sport through caring coaching and leading by professional example. Our team members consist of Allen students “7-12 grade” who consistently display academic excellence with a commitment to exhibiting sportsmanship like conduct on and off the range.

    The purpose of the Archery Team is to give students an opportunity to participate in an alternative sport program other than the standard football or basketball. It is a competitive club sport competing at multiple required and volunteer tournaments throughout the year including a State Tournament in March. Our goal is the National Tournament. 

    The coaches are Jason Anderson and Kyle Juntunen. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of shooting NASP (National Archery in the Schools) style archery.

    Students will have a chance to qualify for the State Team through State Qualifying tournaments in January. The top 24 high school archers and top 16 middle school archers will qualify for the State Teams.  The teams then go on to participate in local tournaments and the State Bullseye and 3D IBO tournaments in Belton, TX, with the opportunity to qualify for the National tournament. Students who do not qualify for State will be done with the team at this time but will be welcome to join the team next year. In order to make the trip to Nationals the Team must win 1st Place in either the State Bullseye or State 3D Tournaments. Individual Archers who qualify in either State Tournament also qualify for Nationals. 

    There are dues to join the Allen Archery Team. The dues are $185.00 per year to help cover the cost of the equipment, tournaments, t-shirt, competition jersey and your ten arrows. Five for practice and five for tournaments. This will be paid on school pay, Click on LFC then archery. 

    Equipment: Mathews Genesis Original Bow Only