• Tale of Two Cities
      Allen, Tx and Linden, NJ


  • After the horrific events in New York City on September 11, 2001 the Allen PALs connected with a high school in Linden, New Jersey through teachers and staff from each school. We began with a video conference several weeks after the event. Linden students and Allen students shared their thoughts and fears immediately following the attack. Linden could actually see the towers fall from the top of their high school. Everyone just wanted to help some how some way. As a result, the two schools developed an instant connection.


    The following year the Allen High School PALs raised money and visited the Linden High School campus. While there, Allen students spent several days shadowing the Linden students, noting similarities and differences between the two populations. During the visit, both groups of students were able to have a private tour of Ground Zero in New York City, taking in the devastating effects of 9-11.


    Over the next several years, Linden and Allen have continued this project called, “The Tale of Two Cities”.  Every other year, Linden and Allen travel to visit each other and experience life in the other city!


    We continue to have video conferences with each other at every month and discuss school activities, holidays, cultures, politics, and other various topics.


    This is a very worthy project that has shown both schools’ differences in culture, diversity, and the care for others throughout the United States.