Use Atriuum to Search for Books, Put Books on Reserve, OR Check your own Account!

    Click on the Atriuum link below to search our catalog from any school computer
    or when logged into Citrix Student Resources at home!

    Atriuum icon
    To check your library account, go to Atriuum, and click on MY ITEMS. Use your
    Student ID number as your Patron ID or Barcode, and your birthdate as your Patron PIN
    Be sure to type your birthdate in this format:  mmddyyyy

    Here's an example:

    Patron ID or Barcode:  231123
    Patron PIN: 01221995 

    Also, you may RESERVE books through Atriuum! To RESERVE a book, look it up on Atriuum, and click on RESERVE!

    Allen ISD has a Digital Library! Click the Overdrive Icon Below to enter our Virtual Library Site! 
    Use your Student ID number as your Library Card number to download and enjoy eBooks!
Last Modified on September 18, 2017