• Blogs – What are they?

    A blog is an online journal that allows us to share our ideas and learn from one another. Students will respond (post a comment) to a teacher prompt using best practices found on this website. Ideally, students will respond to one another creating a conversation. Are you ready?

    Why Bother?

    Blogging encourages students to read, think and respond. Posting a comment allows students to express their opinions in a global environment. Blogging using best practices teaches digital citizenship.

    How to Post a Comment

    1. Read your teacher’s prompt.

    2. Click on "Comments”.

    3. In Post a Comment section, type your comment in the text field, followed by your first name, last initial.

    4. Click “Submit Comment”.

    Your comment will be automatically sent to me to be checked (just to make sure we don’t have anything inappropriate posted). I will then approve the comment and it will appear in the list of comments. I will not edit your comments for spelling or grammar – so be careful!Activity Name

    Blogging Best Practices

    Digital Privacy

    1. Use your first name, last initial to identify yourself. No last names!

    2. Never include personal information ie address, city, phone number etc

    3. Never include personal information of others


    1. My blog pages are considered classroom space and are used for academic purposes. Be proud of what you write and stay on topic.

    2. My blog page is a public space on the Internet. Remember, once on the internet, always on the internet.

    3. Sometimes add a question to keep the conversation going.

    4. Avoid texting shortcuts like u for you. Use full sentences.


    1. Be polite, friendly, and encouraging.

    2. Respect other opinions. If you disagree use sentence starters such as, I respectfully disagree, you make a good point but I think, I support…


    1. Use correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar. One “!” is adequate.

    2. Re-read your comment before clicking “post comment” – think before you send!