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    Name:  Mrs. Geri Ashley
    Grade/Subject:  Fifth Grade
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    Hi, I'm Geri Ashley!  I have been teaching at Kerr Elementary for thirteen years now.  I had the pleasure of teaching 4th Grade during my first 2 years at Kerr. After that, I taught 2nd grade for 4 years, and this will be my eigth year teaching 5th grade.  My children are graduates of Kerr Elementary, so I know what a special place it is.
    I am looking forward to guiding your children so that they reach their highest potential.  We will spend lots of time reading across the genres to develop a love of reading so that the kiddos will become lifelong readers and thinkers.  Finally, our Social Studies curriculum will bring life to our nation's history from the beginning of migration through current events.
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    Our Rock Star family comes
    From many towns:
    Our hair is straight,
    Our hair is brown,
    Our hair is curled,
    Our eyes are blue,
    Our skins are different
    Colors, too.
    We’re girls and boys,
    We’re big and small,
    We’re young and old,
    We’re short and tall.
    We’re everything
    That we can be,
    But most of all
    We are family.

    We laugh and cry,
    We work and play,
    We help each other
    Every day.
    The world’s a lovely place to be,
    Because we will always be a part of

    Ashley's Rock Star family.