• Blogging About OUR Books!
    This year, kiddos will have an opportunity to participate in online book talks with kiddos in their grade level.  By creating an online blog, kiddos from the entire grade level can post comments, reviews, and discuss books with one another. The purpose of online book talks is to foster students' love of reading using the technology of blogging.

    To participate, students must have an active email address (no passwords required). There are two options:


    1. Students may use their guardians’ email address with their permission

    2. Students may use their own email address (or we can supply the students with a generic email to use for posts)

    All posts will be approved by the teacher before they are posted online.
    Feel free to leave a comment about a book you are reading.  Identify the Title and the Author of the book when you post. You must also sign your post by putting your first name and the initial of your last name.  CLICK ON THE COMMENTS ON THE READER'S RESPONSE PAGE TO START COMMENTING!!!!