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    You must be signed into your AISD account in the portal to access the resource linked in the picture above.


    Get usernames and passwords here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CCd8FZRAJVkwGYO3J_Jo4_2-Wz3EORW_pjU4zTRz1NU/edit?usp=sharing  Make sure you are logged into your AISD account


    Select the blue AllenISD SSO button on the left to login

    Ebooks and Audiobooks- more information about Sora is at the bottom of this page! These books can be found in Destiny Discover too!


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    over 1100 titles for grades K-6, includes animated, talking picture books, read-along chapter books, National Geographic videos, non-fiction books

    Big Timber Media


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    These books can be found in Destiny Discover too!


    EBSCO ebooks

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    Ebooks for K-8



    *Teachers can also create accounts and will provide a different class code*

    capstone interactive


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    These books can be found in Destiny Discover too!



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    These books can be found in Destiny Discover too!

    unite for literacy

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    eBooks - Picture books narrated in multiple languages

    storytime from space

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    Astronauts reading stories from the International Space Station

    storyline online

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    Celebrities and special guests read books for kids. Fun and free!


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    Free books and activities for K-3 in English and Spanish.


Using Destiny Discover to Get Ebooks and Audiobooks


    Sora is a newer app designed specifically for students. Sora is the BEST option for our students to access the district collection of ebooks and audiobooks! Get started by clicking on the Sora link below for access on a computer or by downloading the Sora app on a phone or tablet.

    Sora Logo

    On a computer: click here- Sora- District eBooks and Audiobooks

    1. Click the down arrow and select Chandler Elementary School.
    2. Click the blue bar on the left that says "Allen ISD, TX SAML SSO Configuration"
    3. Sign into the portal using your student id number and password. 
    4. Browse for ebooks and audiobooks. 

    Or Download the App:  https://help.overdrive.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2949705-getting-started-with-sora

    Choosing a Library in Sora:

    1. Find your school
    2. Choose "Allen ISD Elementary Campuses" 
    3. "Chandler Elementary"
    4. "Allen ISD, TX-SAML SSO Configuration"
    5. Log in to the Allen ISD Portal
    6. Browse for ebooks and audiobooks

     Need Help? Use these links: