Dyslexia Program Goal
    • Identify students who exhibit characteristics of dyslexia
    • Provide individualized instruction that meets the learning needs of each student in a small group setting
    • Provide intervention that includes:
              * phonemic awareness
              * phonics
              * language structure
              * linguistics
              * process and strategies for decoding, encoding, word recognition, fluency, and comprehension
    • Provide multisensory instruction that incorporates the simultaneous use of two or more sensory pathways 
              (auditory, visual, kinesthetic,tactile) during teacher instruction and student practice
    • Provide support to regular classroom teachers and facilitate parent education

    The foundation for dyslexia services in Allen ISD is an Orton-Gillingham Alphabetic Phonics program.  We currently use these two programs to remediate our students.     

    Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia 


    Reading Horizons