Root Word/Base Word - the word that cannot be broken down
    Affix - letters placed at the beginning or end of a root word or base word to modify/change its meaning.
    Prefix - letters placed at the beginning of a root word/base word.
    Suffix - letters placed at the end of a root word/base word.
          Example rereadable - able to be read again

    Prefix:       il (not/opposite) illiterate, illegal, illogical,
                                  sub (under/beneath) submarine, submerge,
                                  mal (bad/badly) malfunction, maladjusted
                                  mis (bad) mismanage, misinterpret, mistake

    Root Word:dic (speak) dictate, predict, contradict, verdict
                                 man (hand) manual, manufacture, manuscript
                                 port (carry) import, export, portable, transport
                                 spec (see) inspect, respect, suspect, spectacle

    Suffix:       ly (resembling) fatherly, motherly
                                 ward (in direction of) inward, forward
                                 ous (characterized by) joyous, poisonous
                                 ment (action/process) development, government
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