SCHOOL DAY: Student school day is 8:45 am – 3:45 pm. 

    The Eagle Academy Program at the Dillard Center is a self-paced computer based program which enables students the ability to complete high school course work.  Because certain assignments can only be completed at school and time is limited, it is critical that students attend every day and stay on task so that graduation requirements can be met.

    When a course for graduation is taken at the Dillard Center Eagle Academy and completed with a grade of 70 or above, credit for that course will be placed on the student’s transcript with an indication that it is for credit through Eagle Academy.

    Eagle Academy classes are much like credit by exams or correspondence courses, therefore, the grades for these classes will not be considered for grade point average (GPA) or class rank for the student.

    1. Student will be assigned no more than 2-3 courses based on student course calendar.

    2. Within each course and unit, student will:

    a. Work the lessons in consecutive order as they appear in the course.
    b. Take notes for reference to use on the unit and mastery tests.

    3. Teacher Assistance is available for all lessons. During testing, the teacher will be unable to answer questions.  However, a student may use all their notes and examples during a test.

    4. Note Taking:  Notes must be student-generated based on their individual study and effort to learn the material.

    a. Student cannot use notes from another student.
    b. Use of search engines is prohibited as all needed information is contained in the coursework/lessons.
    c. No printing out of screen images as notes.
    d. No electronic storage devices for notes 
    e. Take notes in notebook (handwritten) or students can type notes in the eNotes function contained within the software.  (This is the only acceptable option for typed notes)

    5.       Grading Test:

    If not passed, then:

    i. Student will re-work lessons as required to obtain mastery.

    ii. If student fails test, he/she may have to redo the the lessons covering the missed concepts again. The group of lessons may be zeroed out so that student can begin fresh.

    iii. Students may have the opportunity to do test corrections based on the established policy.



    Dillard Center teachers and administrators have the authority to enforce the Eagle Academy guidelines.  Administrators will have the final judgment on all matters concerning interpretation of the Eagle Academy expectations.  Matters not specifically mentioned shall be within the discretion of the administration. Any violation of guidelines may also result in a discipline referral.

Last Modified on June 13, 2019