Your child can have his or her own QuaverMusic.com account and play for FREE at home and at school!  It is a WONDERFUL resource and something we will work on a lot in music class! 




    1. Go to www.QuaverMusic.com

    2. Click the Sign Up window in the upper right corner

    A)  Create a Quaver Name

    B) Create a Password

    C)  Enter a parent email address

    D) Click “Agree” to Terms of Use

    E)  Select Avatar Gender

    F)  Click Submit

    3. Log in using the Quaver Name and Password created above!


    For EXAMPLE:  Try this username and password to try it out

    username:  tatata1

    password:   lindsey1


    SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are making your own Quaver account (and you totally should)  make your username and password your ID number at school.  It is easy and you will always remember it!



    *this takes you to lots of classroom games, recorder songs, music creations and more!



    We ask for a parent’s email address for a few reasons:

    1. To let parents know their child is using QuaverMusic.com in class, and introduce them to all the great educational features available.

    2. To give parents the ability to reset their child’s password, if the password gets lost or forgotten.  Without a parent’s email address, the child won’t be able to regain access to their account.  In addition, they’ll lose access to all the content they’ve created on the site, plus any Quaver Notes they had.

    3. Without the parent’s email address, your child will be unable to edit their Avatar or Profile.

    4. To give parents control over whether their child may participate in chat and other social functions of the site.

    **  While a parent email address is not required at sign up, the Quaver Team (and Mrs. Jensen) does strongly recommend that an email is provided to get the most out of their QuaverMusic.com experience!

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as you are setting up your child’s account.  It takes learning music to a whole new level! 


    Mrs. Jensen

    Lindsey Music Specialist