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    7th Grade Counselor - Class of 2026
    8th Grade Counselor - Class of 2025
    Derrick Sledge  MS, LCDC, LPC-S
    Middle School Support Counselor
     Mr. Sledge will provide additional support to students throughout the school year as needed.


    Ereckson counselors are currently out of the office on summer break. We will return to school on Monday, July 27th, and begin responding to emails. You can find your child's counselor to the left. We appreciate your patience during this time and promise to address any needs or concerns you have once we return to school.


    Below you will find a link to register for Day at the Dog Pound. 

    Link to Register for Day at the Dog Pound 2020- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1RzQJTR2ujJhbxIJ8nEGLrMYm0GrhgcxbPo_PJLez_98/edit


    Please check the tabs on the left for more information. 


    Thank you again and hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer break, 

    Your Ereckson Counselors