• Play Critique Guide (watching a play)

    This is the same guide you will use for all AHS productions.

    You will submit this in Canvas!Your name and class period should be on your paper. You need to include the title of the play, the author and where/when you attended the play or performance. The font should be 12 pt. arial, single spaced paragraph form (3-6 sentences per paragraphs, at least 4 paragraphs long). You must use complete sentences.

    Paragraph 1:


    This should describe the time and geographical location and setting (living room, the park, etc.) Describe the characters in the play.

    Paragraph 2:


    Describe the possible theme, mood, symbols and ideas of the play. Give specific examples to support your choices. Comment on the overall acting and characterization.

    Paragraph 3:

    Technical aspects:
    Comment on the technical elements (set, lights, sound, costumes, makeup) 


    Paragraph 4:

    What is your personal reaction to the script/play? (What did you like? What didn't you like?) Give specific examples to support your opinions. (I didn't like the lighting because it was so dark I couldn't see the actors faces.) What did you observe about the audience’s response? (Everyone around me was sleeping through the second act. OR Everyone around me was laughing because the play was so funny. The woman behind me wouldn't stop snorting from laughing.)