• frstgrade Handbook

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    Dear First Grade Parents,

    First grade is a milestone in academic development. We are shaping the foundation for your child’s school career. Successful individuals, such as professional musicians and athletes, must practice many hours to do well in their field of work. This idea holds true for your child as they will be spending many hours practicing writing, reading and math. Then they too will be able to succeed, not on the field, but in the classroom. We are looking forward to forming a partnership with you to help your child have a happy and successful school year.

    Please read the attached information about First Grade carefully and save this handbook to use as a reference throughout the school year. Let’s work together to put your child first!  Please print and sign the verification sheet to acknowledge you have received and read the first-grade student handbook.


    Cheatham First Grade Teachers


    First Grade Information and Procedures


    Please remind your child to go directly to the cafeteria in the mornings. The front doors will be open starting at 7:25 a.m. Students are not to come to their teacher’s classrooms until after 7:40 a.m. 

    Please be sure your child arrives at school on time. The first bell rings at 7:40 a.m. and the tardy bell rings at 7:45 a.m. Your child will be counted tardy after the 7:45 bell.


    Attendance is very important in First Grade. We present new skills each day and it is difficult to find time to reteach these lessons. Please email both your child’s teacher and Kelly Ellis (kelly.ellis@allenisd.org) if you know your child will be absent. Please send in a handwritten note and/or a doctor's note within three school days of the absence.

    According to the Texas Education Agency Guidelines, we are required to monitor and record absences and tardies closely. This is taken very seriously at Cheatham Elementary. 

    Bi-Monthly First Grade Newsletter

    The newsletter will have important information and reminders of the events happening at our school.  It will be sent via email.  The Cheatham Chatter is our school newsletter sent via email each month as well.  Please read through the information in the Chatter each month... all school-wide communication will be sent through the Chatter!


    We enjoy celebrating student birthdays in the classroom. Each teacher has their own practice for acknowledging students on their special day and we allow parents to send a small trinket (stickers, pencils, etc.) to be handed out to classmates at the end of the day.

    While we discourage parents from providing food for other students, Lauren’s Law allows a parent to provide a treat to the class on their child’s birthday. If you choose to send a treat for the class, please ensure that it is store-bought and allergen-free. The teacher will hand it out at the end of the school day. Communicate in advance with the classroom teacher regarding student dietary restrictions.

    Delivery of invitations to parties should take place outside of school to avoid hurt feelings.

    If you choose to have invitations passed out in the classroom, either all students or all students of the same gender in the classroom must receive one. If you would like a class list for invitations, please contact your child’s teacher.

    Check-Out Procedures

    You must go to the front desk if you need to check your child out of school. If you are able, please let your child's teacher know ahead of time that they will be checking out, so they can prepare them to leave in plenty of time.   


    Email is a huge form of communication at Cheatham Elementary.  Please know that newsletters, general information, etc. will be sent via email as much as possible.


    Our conference block is from 1:20 to 1:50 p.m. Monday-Friday. If needed a conference may be scheduled with your child’s teacher before or after school hours. We often have duty, scheduled activities, or district meetings after or before school, so please schedule in advance. This assures that we are available and well prepared. If you stop by without a scheduled appointment, the teacher may ask you to schedule an appointment for another time.

    * This year the district has designated Oct. 28 as our Fall Parent Conference Day. Conferences will be scheduled for that day between 7:30-5:30.*


    We periodically ask for donations throughout the year, to help provide engaging activities for our students. Some of these activities include food products. Please keep in mind that we may only accept unopened, packaged foods.

    Field Trips

    We will take a few learning trips during the school year. We choose a trip by carefully considering its educational value, distance from school, and cost. A couple of the places have limited or no chaperones needed.

    In order to make field trips a safe, learning experience for all students, we ask that all chaperones note the following information:

    Chaperones must have a completed and verified district background check.

    In order to give our students proper supervision, younger siblings may not attend field trips.

    If you have made plans to chaperone and need to cancel, please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible so that other arrangements can be made to supervise your assigned group.

    Since not all parents can go on our trip, please do not purchase souvenirs, extra activities, food, etc. for your child or other children in your group.  

    Grading System

    First Graders will receive report card grades at the end of every nine-week grading period.  Report cards are now posted online through your child's Skyward account. Grades are posted a week after the grading period closes. Please let your child's teacher know if you have any issues accessing their report card.

    First Grade will use the following grading system:

          4.  High Achievement

          3.  Met Expectation

          2.  Progressing

          1.  Not yet demonstrating grade-level expectations


    Students are expected to read and practice math facts Monday through Thursday! (suggested 10 minutes/night)

    Students may also have other homework assignments or activities for extended learning.


    We will go to the library frequently to check out books. These books are chosen by the children and are intended for both classroom and at home enjoyment. We will at times restrict the type of book your child checks out. Often, they try to check out books that are not suitable for their reading level. Library books may be kept for two weeks. It is the student’s responsibility to return the library book on time. Lost or damaged books will have to be paid for, so please help your child learn to be responsible by keeping up with and returning books promptly.


    When sending in money for school lunches, please send cash or check in an envelope marked with the child’s first and last name, lunch code and their teacher’s name. Payments may be made in the cafeteria or online. Lunches are $2.25 each and menus are online. Our cafeteria manager is Carmen Ramos. If your child is bringing a lunch, please make sure they bring it with them to school in the morning. This helps them to feel responsible and confident. (Lunches that are forgotten at home should be dropped off by 11:15 a.m. at the front desk.)


    If your child needs medication during the day, please send a note and the medicine to the clinic in the office. All medication will be administered by the school nurse, Cassie Luther.  Medication must be in its original container and needs to have your child’s name on it.


    Our scheduled recess time is 10:30 to 11:00 a.m. every day. Be sure your child has dressed appropriately for the weather. We will go outside every day if the temperature (including wind chill and heat index) is between 40-95 degrees, weather permitting.

    If there is a medical reason why your child should not participate in recess, please send a note to your child’s teacher. Without a note, he/she will go to recess. Please keep in mind that if a child needs to be excused from PE class, that they will also have to be excused from recess.

    Red Binder

    Binders need to be returned every day.  Please initial if the teacher has written comments.

    Work to Keep:

    Please remove it nightly and discuss it with your child. After you have “ooohed and aaahed” over it, you’ll want to show off this work on the refrigerator. ENJOY!

    3-holed Pencil Pouch:

    Please use this section to send in any money for school... lunch money, book orders, PTA checks, etc.  This is located in the binder.

    Conduct Sheet:

    First grade will comply with the school-wide behavior expectations. Your child’s conduct sheet is located in his/her daily binder. Please check with your child every day and discuss their behavior. 

    Snack time

    We have a scheduled snack time each day. Snacks must be easy to consume and require little to zero clean up. Please do not send a snack that requires a spoon such as applesauce, yogurt or pudding. Candy will not be considered a snack and will be sent home. *Your child’s teacher will notify you if there is a child with an allergy in the class. 

    No-Spill water bottles (no twist on caps) are allowed in the classroom. Water only in the classroom please, no juice!


    Please help your child dress appropriately for our daily school activities. This is very important on days that your child attends Physical Education (P.E.) and Music. They are required to wear tennis shoes for PE and girls need to wear shorts under their skirts. Please check your child’s schedule online if you’re not sure what specials your child has each day.

    **If your child is unable to participate in PE, they must have a doctor's note or parent note stating why they cannot participate. Please know that if they are unable to participate in PE that it is also a requirement to rest at recess as well.**

    The Temperature in the Classroom

    When it is warm outside many of our classrooms are very cold. Please send your child to school with a light jacket every day.  Your child can keep the jacket in their backpack so they always have access to it.


    Please communicate any changes in your child’s daily transportation routine to their teacher through email (before 12 pm the day of) or note. After 12, please contact the front office so they may give your child's teacher the message. If you do not get a response please contact the office to ensure that we are aware of the change.


    We love volunteers! Whether you have the time to give in person or can help with an at-home project, your help will always be appreciated.  We frequently have grade-level needs and each teacher has specific classroom needs as well. Please talk with your child’s teacher about specific ways you can help. If you’re scheduled to volunteer in the classroom, please sign-in (in the office) and be sure to wear your volunteer name sticker at all times.

    Please note that ALL classroom volunteers must complete a district background check EACH school year before volunteering in the classroom. This form can be completed online at www.allenisd.org