• Belmont
    Welcome To The Pride Council Web Page!

    Pride Council:

    PRIDE: self respect;a sense of your own importance; a feeling that something has been achieved

    COUNCIL: a group of people chosen to look after the interests of an organization

    PRIDE is our creed
    Proud of what we do
    Respectful to everyone
    Initiative shows throughout our group
    Daring to succeed
    Encouraging to everyone

    Inside Pride Council


    When you bring in items to donate to homeless children. The money goes to help people with Muscle Disabilities.
    Canned Food Drive

    Is where you bring in cans to donate to people without any money.
    Grandparents Day

    Is when students sing and perform for our grandparents or other special visitor.
    Candy Grams

    We sell candy to people for Valentines Day. We donate this money to help previous Pride Council members.
    MDA Hat Day

    Is when you bring $1.00 to wear a hat to school.
    Leadership Retreat

    Is where we went to talk about all of the stuff that we do. After that we ate all of our favorite snacks.