• Mission Statement:  Cheatham Elementary will ignite the spark for an empowered education through service, fun and engaging experiences that focus on the whole child.  

    Belief Statements
    Students: All students will feel welcome and safe to embrace learning and diversity so that every student will be successful and achieve their full potential.
    Learning: Learning has no boundaries.  Every student deserves a chance to have ownership of his or her learning, regardless of race, gender or status.
    We believe learning is a lifelong journey that is inspired and practiced by all students and staff where risks are encouraged and mistakes are accepted.
    Our school will radiate a positive energy by challenging, respecting and caring for all who enter while providing a safe environment.  
    As Chargers, we believe we have the privilege to use our diverse personalities and experiences to invest in lifelong learning and positive respectful relationships.  With a “whatever it takes” attitude, we will instill compassion, confidence and courage in our students.
    We believe in welcoming family and community to engage in working together in partnership to support our campus through building relationships and establishing student success.
    We believe communication at Cheatham will be open, clear and consistent between faculty, students, parents and community.  We will always use a respectful and positive tone in order to benefit all.
Last Modified on July 18, 2013