• Student Guidelines for Posting in Edmodo


    1.    Edmodo is considered classroom space.  Be proud of what you write.

    2.   Posts must be related to teacher prompt.  No “hi”comments.

    3.   Add to the conversation.  Compliment another student in a specific way, ask a question or add new information.

    4.   If you’re not sure if a word is okay, then it probably isn’t.

    5.   Post a note to the whole group if your question is about something the whole group should know.

    6.   Send a note to the teacher if you want to talk about something that doesn’t relate to the group.


    1.    Always use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

    2.   Re-read your post and edit before submitting.

    3.   Avoid texting shortcuts like u for you. 

    4.   Use full sentences.


    1. Be polite, friendly, and encouraging.

    2. Respect other opinions. If you disagree use sentence starters such as, I respectfully disagree, you make a good point but I think, I support…